The experience

IMG00545We thought we’d brave the threat of a ridiculously long wait and attempt Kirin Court again.  The last time we came, we bailed because it was going to be an hour and half wait!!  We decided that there were some alternatives if it was too packed so we drove into Richardson.  When we arrived, there was a crowd, but nothing like the last time, so we rolled the dice and I found a 25 minute wait ahead of us.  We decided this was reasonable.  It was a chilly day, so I opted to have us sit in the car and wait the first 15 minutes listening and dancing to the Bee Gees with the kids.  We decided to head in with our number 94 to hear that they are hearing number 1.  Ogre was afraid that they were calling numbers and we’d been skipped!

No such luck.  The next number they called was 11.  We relegated ourselves to standing and waiting for our table.  There was still 6 ahead of us.  Ugh.  Mina held on to our number and I told her to listen for us.  It was hard to keep Benji entertained during the next 15 minutes of waiting, but we managed.



We were seated and found that it seemed unsafe to clip Benji’s chair to their table, so we requested a high chair.  We got the high chair and of course the seat buckle was broken.  I tried to tie it together to keep him contained.  I would have to retie this thing at least 4 times before our meal ended.

They got our drink order and we got down to the business of finding some food!  When they returned they did not bring Styrofoam cups for the kids so I let Benji drink out of the tea cups.  Apparently one of the servers noticed their oversight and brought Mina a Styrofoam cup, but not Benji!  Didn’t matter, Benji was pretty enthralled with his little cup.



The ladies and gentleman kept rolling by with various carts and we picked what we wanted, but Mina did not want fried rice, nor did she want a fried dumplings.  Nope, only the steamed buns for her!

FINALLY, a cart came by with her beloved steamed BBQ pork buns!  She was excited to see these and ate one and half buns by herself.



Benji saw some buns off in the distance and said, “MY bread!”  We asked what they were and they were BBQ pork buns.  We gave them a try and we liked these even more then the steamed variety.  Mina was reluctant to try them at first, but after she tried them, she loved these, too and stuffed her face!



We had a great time picking out our Dim Sum.  We never had the BBQ pork plate offering, but I think in the end, Mina had more than enough BBQ pork in her little sandwiches

Benji was starting to get super antsy, so once it was time to work on our Sesame Balls dessert, I let him sit in my lap and he picked out the Red Bean Paste and said, “Mmmm.  Chock -it.”  (Yum, chocolate!)  Once Ogre finished eating I handed him over until it was time to settle the tab and roll out of there!


The food

Chinese Dim Sum.  Small portions of various foods, particularly steamed and deep fried items stuffed with various meats.  They also served some plates of veggies, BBQ pork, roast duck, some soups and various sweets.

I’m going to apologize in advance for not knowing the names of any of these (except the Fun Roll -I learned this from my friends Hong and Truc!).  And sorry about the horrible pictures, we forgot the camera and had to use my phone!

They have an awesome sticky fried rice with cilantro and Chinese Sausage (a very fatty, sweet, hard sausage).  Loved this.  Have not seen this other places that serve Dim Sum.



This is my favorite.  I don’t even know how to describe what they do to the breading our how it is made.  It’s the same bread as those Sesame Balls filled with Red Bean except these are filled with meat, presumably pork.  It’s so tasty -sweet and inexplicable texture.  Yum.  My tummy is growling just thinking about it.IMG00534


Steamed dumplings with Shrimp and a green leafy vegetable that might be spinach?  I have to have a few of these to balance all the deep fried choices!  I liked this, but Ogre did not.  I like the soft mushy texture and the wrapper is slightly sticky.



The BBQ pork buns are a HUGE hit with the kids (and us!).  It’s basically a steamed bun filled with BBQ pork.  The steamed bun has a very mild flavor, which is a nice balance to the sweet BBQ pork filling.



There’s also a BBQ pork bun that is a yeasty, sweet bread filled with BBQ pork.  The softness of this bread and the sweetness of the bread is actually complimentary to the BBQ pork.  I liked these more than the steamed buns!



There were more steamed dumplings, except these were just plain shrimp and Ogre said these tasted better.  I thought they were just as good and, again, a nice complement to al the other fried foods.



I almost forgot the Fun Roll.  We got the pork variety, I probably would have preferred the beef.  Anyway, these are like big fat noodles that are wrapped around meat (you can also get shrimp) that is then covered with a slightly sweetened soy sauce.  I love this texture (slightly slimy) and flavor. Yum!!



And last, but certainly not least…the Sesame Balls!  Leave room for these folks.  It’s that undescribable breading filled with Red Bean paste.  Benji thought it was chocolate!  I think it’s better than chocolate.  Once again, I’m drooling onto my keyboard!




The service

Decent.  The servers are rolling by with their carts and trying to sell their little dishes, so you certainly aren’t ignored.  We did not have a problem having our drinks refilled and they kept clearing the empty plates, which was nice. It just gets hard when you don’t speak Chinese and you don’t know the names of things to be able to say “Can you send over the ****??” 


The kids

Definitely not super kid friendly, but not kid-unfriendly either.  No kids activities, no kids menu and I don’t know if your kids will like the food here.  Ours do!

There aren’t a lot of good choices for Dim Sum.  I like this place.  About as much as at J. Chen’s Dim Sum, but I’m not sure that J. Chen has those fried dumpling things that I LOVE.  Ogre doesn’t think this is so much better that it’s worth the longer wait.  I’m on the fence…


The total:  $38.92

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