The experience

Sullivan's SteakhouseToday, the Ogre wanted meat for dinner.  Not just any old meat, steak.  Thanks, my wonderful husband who knows that I gag at the thought of steak.  HOWEVER, I can’t let our lives stop because of my crazy nausea and reflux. So, I became the martyr for the evening and agreed to steak tonight.  We decided on Sullivan’s, which we’ve eaten at several times in the past and enjoyed because it’s not too pricey and still has good quality.   I called ahead to make sure we wouldn’t be running into a long wait or that it was booked full. It wasn’t.  I made reservations anyway since I was on the phone.

We arrived and had to valet and then went in and were seated right away.  Mina brought in her magnet ring toy (well, it’s actually Benji’s toy) and proceeded to play with that.  Benji only knocked them off the table and caused Mina to fret over a lost ring that Ogre and I both got down on the floor to look for. 

Magnet game

Tonight, it seemed as though they were having a special: $29 bucks for your choice of salad, entree, side, and dessert from a ”Prime Rib Primetime” special menu.  Once I figured out that you didn’t have to order Prime Rib, I was game, but turned out I ordered the Prime Rib anyway. We ordered some calamari to start as we knew we’d be here awhile and without any entertainment for Benji, he might just start to entertain himself with screaming and crying.

It was actually the bread that saved us, which by the way is excellent sourdough.  It kept all of us quite happy until the calamari came along.  Benji decided to make bread holes with his fingers and was quite proud of this little accomplishment!  Once the calamari came, we were pretty safe for awhile.  Benji was content to eat the legs initially, which historically have been his preference, but this time, he surprised by pointing to the calamari and saying “I want round!”  I made Ogre chop up the rounds, which Ogre made sure to ask Benji’s permission before doing so lest a breakdown occur. 

Fingers in the bread

There was a little food lull after the calamari was devoured and the arrival of the kids’ dinner, partly because Ogre and I had salads.  We ordered more bread and again problem temporarily fixed.  Benji was actually in a good mood and sometimes it’s his good mood that causes me to cringe as he’ll start happily screaming a high pitched scream to hear himself scream.  I told him that the waiter didn’t like it when he did that and it seemed to work okay in getting him to chill out!

The kids showed off their “shaka brudda” to us.  Benji still can’t do it, but he sure does try!

Shaka Brudda

Shaka Brudda

The kids meals and then ours came out.  I asked for my Prime Rib with a creamy horseradish sauce and I swear that what came out was plain old sour cream.  I asked for some horseradish planning to just mix it myself.  The waiter brought me back another creamy horseradish sauce with “extra horseradish” but he swore that what he gave me already had some.  If it did, neither Ogre nor I could taste it!

About this time is when I looked over at Mina’s magnets and saw that there were three blue magnets as there is supposed to be.  Turns out she never lost the one, it was on the other part of the toy the entire time.  All that crawling around on hands and knees for nada!

Benji started with the large noises, so I tried my this guy or that guy doesn’t like that.  Ogre told me to quit saying that to him. I’m not sure what the big deal is with that and it seems to get him to stop!  Ogre instead offered dessert.

We ordered dessert and the kids received large servings of ice cream.  Benji loved the bananas fosters banana pudding Ogre ordered and must have eaten about a quarter of it.  Ogre was trying to save himself this last piece of caramelized bread pudding, but the kids really wanted it.  Ogre was very hesitant about giving it away and finally did only to have Benji spit it out and Mina tell him she didn’t like that piece!  Poor Ogre.  (The kids sometimes have weird texture issues). 

mmmm...Ice cream

Mmmmm...Ice Cream

Anyway, after two hours at dinner, we were wearing out our welcome so we setttled our tab and headed home.



The food

It’s a steakhouse.

CalamariWe ordered calamari as an appetizer.  Overall, it was okay.  Some of the rings (or “rounds” as Benji calls them) were a little tough -it seemed it was because the pieces were cut very thick.  The breading had good flavor though and there wasn’t any leftover!

Prime RibI ordered the Prime Rib and creamed corn as my side.  The Prime Rib was pretty good.  I realize that some grizzle comes with the territory, but there seemed to be a little more grizzle than I am accustom to.  The creamed corn was also a little too sweet for my taste.  The doneness of the beef was very appropriate though.

Filet MignonOgre ordered the filet with skillet mushrooms.  Ogre says that he liked the filet and it was prepared just as he likes it medium rare a little more rare than medium.  We both thought the mushrooms were very tasty.


CheesburgerThe kids had chicken strips and fries.  The chicken was nice and juicy and Ogre says the fries were really good also.



Ogre ordered the Bananas Foster Bread Pudding.  It is served with vanilla ice cream and drizzled with caramel sauce.  He thought this was excellent -as did Benji, who kept asking for more “mananas.”  I ordered the cheesecake, which was quite the disappointment.  It was grainy and dry, not creamy at all.

Banana Foster Bread Pudding



The service

Service was very good.  Lots of attention, nice to the kids.  Food comes out as anticipated at a nice steak place.


The kids

We’ll call it kid accommodating.  Dinner lasts two hours.  No kids activities. It’s quiet and dark.  No kids menu, but they did accommodate with chicken fingers and fries for us.

This is one of our favorite choices for a not too expensive steak dinner.  Although, I must say, I really enjoyed the Keg when we went there!

The total: $100ish

Do they not have a website??

17795 N Dallas Tollway
Dallas, TX 75287

(972) 267-9393

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