The experience

I have been craving salad and soups lately, so Ogre suggested Souper Salad.  I was wary.  He said that he used to eat here 2-3 times a week when he was a teenager!  Yowsers.  I caved, but decided we’d spare Mina the torture by going at lunch while she was at school.  When I got home from rounding, Ogre and Benji were ready to get going, so we were off to an early lunch.  It was pretty empty when we arrived, which did not make me feel any better about our eating situation.

We paid and then went through the buffet line.  They had a nice little kiddie tray that we picked up for Benji.  I took care of watching Benji as we went through the line while Ogre took care of Benji’s tray.

We sat down and we put aside the crayons and coloring since our food was already ready to go!  Benji thought the snacks looked tasty and had a little of this and a little of that.  He rubbed his tummy and said, “Yummy in tummy!”


Ogre recounted his adventures to Souper Salads with his family while we ate.  As we ate, the place got more and more packed!  Seems as though we were just lucky to beat the rush.  At one point, people were leaving because it was too packed and people were waiting for tables to clear to sit down with their food!


I was pleasantly surprised at how “okay” the food was!  Like I said, I had low expectations.  We even thought Mina would be fine eating here. 


Benji behaved all through lunch and when he was done with one side of his tray he turned his tray around.  After he decided he was completely done, he pushed his tray away and colored while Ogre and I finished up lunch (I got paged a couple of times during lunch which slowed me down).


Pretty good lunch.  We decided we’d better get going to leave room for those who needed to sit down and eat.


The food

It’s a salad buffet and they also have pasta salads, pizza (cheese and pepperoni), baked potatoes, a salad bar and some breads.

I had some of their salad with dressing…they have three main leafy choices (iceberg, spinach, and Cobb), then there are many additions you can top your salad with.  All of the salad choices looked fresh (we did get there early though, which is always key at any buffet!).   I tried the pizza, which was not great (Ogre said it’s for the kids, whatever.)  The gingerbread and blueberry cake was really good.  We went back for seconds of that.  I tried the vegetable beef soup and Ogre tried the enchilada soup and we both thought the soups were good.



There were a lot of snacky things that kids would probably like such as goldfish, raisins, cookies.   They also have mac and cheese.  We got Benji a variety of foods and he seemed to like it.



The service

It’s a buffet, but they do have a server that keeps your drinks refilled and clears plates.


The kids

Kid friendly.  Kids activities (even though you don’t really need them), good choices (not necessarily healthy choices) for kids, and kids 4 and under eat FREE!

I would have never thought to eat here, but it wasn’t bad.  I think my expectations were kind of low, but for a quick salad buffet type meal, I’d do it again.

The total: 16 bucks

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