The experience

DSC01121Ogre is still out of town.  I figured that since I took Benji out on a date yesterday, it was time for a mother/daughter date with my little Mina.  I gave her some well directed options for dinner when I picked her up.  Either Soup or Salads or sushi for dinner.  She told me she wanted “American food.”  I replied that she must mean Soup or Salads then. She feigned concern and said, “No, no, sushi!  Sushi!.”  Then she asked where we’d be going and I said Sushi Rock.  She replied in her over the top, comical way, “OH YEAH!!  I’M ROCKIN’ THE SUSHI!!  THE SUSHI’S ROCKIN’ ME!!” 

I’ll admit I’m not like a good navigator.  I exited the crazy exit of 75 to get to Park and drove around and didn’t see it. So, I told Mina that we’d have to drive around.  “Why?  Cause you got lost?” As we drove along the frontage road, I realized I just passed it somehow not noticing it.  I told Mina that I just missed it and we’d be there shortly.  As we drove around, Mina yelled “There it is!”

We walked in and were seated right away.  I noticed that there would be a live band tonight, which could be fun.  Mina sat down and asked for a pen from me.  She got started drawing right away while I looked over the menu.



She and I discussed what she wanted for dinner. At first she said tuna, but then changed her mind wanting the chicken like at Sushi Awaji (Kare Age).  I also ordered an shrimp tempura appetizer for her and soup and salad for me.  I know, I know, that’s a lot of food!

I had to ask for a cheat sheet on their rolls since there were so many I had never heard of.  WARNING!  They have some pretty explicit names!  In fact, when I made my decision, I covered the name of the roll I was ordering so Mina wouldn’t decide to read it and then have “questions.”

I got my soup and salad right away (as well as some cold tofu I ordered for Mina) and we munched on those.  Mina had to pour herself some soy sauce as her new thing is dipping her tofu in the soy sauce.



Next out came the Kare Age and Shrimp appetizer.  These were flaming hot, so we set those aside for a bit before I let Mina dig in.  Mina took a picture of her Kare Age.  She’s quite the little photog: “Move your salad, Mommy.” and “Your water is in the shot.”  Uhh, okay.



Mina ate her shrimp and later her chicken and pretty shortly, my sushi came out.  I was actually very impressed and rationed out my sushi accordingly.  Yes, I’m OCD like that and like to distribute my nigiri amongst bites of my roll.



Mina ate very well tonight and as we started to finish up, I requested the check.  Mina was visibly disappointed as the band and not yet started playing.  I told her we could stay until they played. 



Mina took pictures of the band (Tyla Tylock Trio, I think). I finished up my sushi, settled the tab and we left after one song.


As we walked out, Mina said, “I’m glad we came today so we didn’t miss the live music!”

The food

Sushi, some Japanese appetizers with a few Japanese entrees.

The salad was good.  It’s served with a Ginger dressing.  As far as Ginger dressings go, I prefer mine with a little bit more miso flavor.  The miso soup had the same issue.  I like more miso flavor.



The shrimp tempura appetizer was really the only item that was disappointing.  The breading was thick and dense.  They serve lengthwise wedges of the eggplan and zucchini, which I didn’t like so much.  Mina only ate one of the shrimp and normally eats two. 



I ordered shrimp and tuna nigiri and these were both fresh and tasty, but (this is so nit-picky!) I think there was too much rice.  My sushi roll (Sex on the Beach Roll) was a tuna roll topped with eel and eel sauce.  Yummy!!  This is a perfect roll for me!! 


Mina enjoyed her Kare-Age.  Nuggets of chicken and very lightly breaded and they have ketchup (major deal for Mina!).



The service

Service was great tonight.  She was attentive and the food came out very quickly, particularly for a sushi joint.


The kids

No kids menu and no kids activities.  Not the most kid friendly restaurant ever, but there are some appetizers that could “double” as a kids menu item and it’s laid back. They also had kids training chopsticks and it’s pretty laid back.  Mina enjoyed the live music tonight (Thursdays) so that was an added bonus.

I was pleasantly surprised by this and when I told Ogre about it, he told me that when I’m not going to be at a childsplate meal, he tries to go to places he doesn’t think I’ll like.  I think he was very disappointed that he didn’t get to come with us and I told him that honestly I didn’t think it’d be that great.  But it was pretty good, so for East Plano sushi, I give it a thumbs up!

The total: $42


Mina Calling Papa During Dinner

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