The experience

DSC_0021Well, this pregnancy is going to be expensive.  One of the only meals I can tolerate and almost enjoy is sushi.  I think it’s because they are small portions.  Anyway, I told Ogre that I was in the mood for sushi and he just headed off down 75.  I wasn’t sure if he heard or remembered, but since sushi isn’t that overwhelmingly better than most other foods, I figured I’d just go along for the ride.  Turns out he had a new place in Richardson in mind that he’d heard about from a friend the night before.  I was totally surprised to find a sushi restaurant in such a non-descript place off the beaten path.  We ended up at Sushi Sake and arrived just in time to beat the crowds.

We’d gone swimming earlier today so Benji missed his naptime…or so we thought.  He fell asleep on the way to the restaurant and stayed asleep as I expertly lay him down.   What a blessing that their seats were bench seating!


In fact, the whole restaurant decor and vibe was pretty neat!  Ogre and I looked over the menu while Mina found a pen in my purse to draw on the chopsticks paper.  We put an appetizer/starter order and then tried to figure out what we wanted from the sushi menu. 


Mina always likes to fill in the numbers so we asked the waitress to come back so that we could let her do that.   Mina went back to drawing after that.  She is pretty good at drawing these days, but Ogre never seems to know what the heck she’s drawing.  Today, he said, “Mina, that’s a neat giraffe, what’s the dog doing beside it?”  Mina’s reply (exasperated), “THAT’S NOT A DOG!! It’s an elephant!  See it’s trunk.”  I chimed in, “I knew it was an elephant.”  Ogre redeemed himself with further guesses on other items she drew.


I realized that this was place was striving for authentic when my miso soup arrived sans spoon.  I never use a spoon anyway, but found it very interesting that they did not offer one.  Then Ogre got his sake in a crazy way.  We usually never talk about the alcohol we order since this is a kid friendly blog, but this was too strange to not mention.  I’m not sure if this is traditional or what, but Ogre always ordered cold sake.  His sake came served in an overflowing wooden box sitting in a bowl with a side of salt!


Mina started eating her kare-age, switching between chopsticks and her fork.  Meanwhile, Benji was still sleeping.  She decided after one bite of the shrimp tempura that she did not like it.  Ogre ate the rest.

Next out came our sushi, which looked great!  Mina was not in the mood for tuna tonight and kept drawing.  

We ate our sushi and just as we’d suspected, there was one piece of sushi left and we already asked for the check when Benji awoke.  We let him have it and he said, “want more tuna.”  I ordered him tuna sushi and some silk tofu.  Thankfully, our waitress didn’t seem to mind that we changed ours.  As our waitress walked away, Benji said, “Get it tuna!  Get it!”  We explained to him that they still had to make it and she would bring it over to him.

We got the next batch of sushi (and Ogre and I discussed ordering sushi vs. sashimi and opted for sushi) and then realized that we should of ordered the sashimi as he still wanted more tuna!  When our waitress came to clear plates, we had to ask for another order of sushi! 

Benji seemed to have his fill with the second order and we were able to all leave happy!


The food

Mainly sushi; a few Japanese entrees.

The miso soup was average, not too many tofu pieces in it.


The fish here was very fresh and good quality.  We had tuna sashimi and sushi.  Ogre also had yellowtail sushi.  I ordered the california roll, which was above average as they had some type of mayonnaise dressing that really added to the flavor.  I also ordered a shrimp tempura roll, which was a little below average.  There was a stale water flavor that totally turned me off.  Ogre did not notice and thought they were fine.


Mina had the Kare Age here. It’s an appetizer item and ate it all, so I think it was pretty good.  We also ordered shrimp tempura, which Mina did not like (and she usually does), but again, Ogre thought was just fine.




The service

Pretty good.   Attentive, did not mind when we were super annoying and kept adding more sushi as we finished.  Sushi came out a little faster than usual, which was a positive in my book.


The kids

It’s not super kid friendly, no kids menu, no kids activities, but they do have some appetizers and they have ketchup that kids can eat.  Our kids love sushi, so any sushi restaurant is Phipps Kid Friendly!

This place has really nice ambience, good quality food, but the menu is pretty slim -they don’t have very many rolls, if that’s what you’re in to. If your a purist with your sushi and sashimi, then this place is great!

The total:105ish (2 sakes)

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