The experience

Today is extremely busy for us.  Started early with hula class followed by a birthday part y for Mina’s friend and then we needed to get home to nap before the circus tonight!  So this meant we needed to eat somewhere quick, close and easy!  Ogre’s suggestion: Taco Delite.  He has been trying to get me to eat here for as long as I can remember and I think his request is usually met with silence.  But since it was right there, right now, I said okay.  So in we went.

While Ogre ordered at the counter, the kid wanted to sit on the chairs that swivel so I sat with them.  They had their balloons and treats from the party to keep them busy, but we moved to a regular table once we had our food.

We doled out the food and dug in.  Ogre immediately reminisced about his teenage years when he apparently ate her almost every day when his family was on a Taco Delite kick.  I don’t get it.  He said his mom loved the Taco Salad here.  I don’t think I even finished my taco, it was too much of chore.  I was eating to eat.

The kids were pretty well behaved, munching and playing and munching and playing.

We quickly finished up dinner so I could get Benji to nap long enough to not be cranky pants at the circus!


The food

Tex Mex.

DSC_0062I ordered a Taco Delite taco.  I had no idea what the heck this was, but figured it must be some type of signature dish.  It was nothing to write to anyone about, including you guys.  Bland, bland, bland.  The meat tastes “gray.”  It comes with sour cream, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, beans and the boring meat.  It has a hard taco shell and a soft flour taco to hold it all together. 

DSC_0061Ogre had a taco and he actually said that he likes tacos better here than at Taco Bueno but not more than Taco Bell.  Notice how I am comparing this to fast food chains.  I really think this is a fast food restaurant.  Ogre disagrees.

DSC_0060The kids had a flauta and chips with queso.  They seemed to like it just fine.



The service

Counter service.


The kids

They don’t actually have any kids menu items or kids activities, but I really think this is pretty much a fast food joint so it’s obviously causal and laid back. 

I don’t think I’ll willingly eat here ever again. 

Total: $15 bucks

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