The experience

Tin StarIt’s another busy night for Team Phipps.  Mina was at choir practice with Oma and Grandpoo and I had to be at the hospital by seven.  Mina would be home around that time, so the Ogre, Benji and I needed to eat early and get moving.  We discussed earlier today that we would go to Tin Star as it’s pretty equidistant to where we live and the hospital. 

Sad BenjiWhen we arrived, we stood before the tall menus to figure out what we wanted.  We had to let people behind us go by as we made our decisions.  Benji was already pissed and I’m not sure why.  He was just walking around with a frown and crying until Ogre finally picked him up.





I decided on the pork tacos with honey chipotle sauce and a fish taco.  Ogre looked at me, downturned his mouth and said, “Huh.  That’s what I was going to order.”  I just raised an eyebrow and didn’t say anything.  More people showed up behind us so we went ahead and moved forward.  Ogre got up to the counter to order and I picked a booth for us and set up Benji’s chair.  I joined Ogre again at the counter as he finished ordering.  We ordered macaroni and cheese for Benji, which comes with a drink.  She told us that they did have milk, and Ogre asked if they had chocolate milk.  She said they could make some, so we went with that.  Ogre decided to get two fish tacos.  I grabbed the drink cups from him to get our drinks while Ogre settled Benji into the booth.  Benji played with the Star while they waited.

Benji wanted the star


I came back and set the drinks down and then went back for chips and salsa.  The have a “salsa bar” where you grab your own chips and salsas.  They have a roasted tomato salsa, a tomatillo salsa, and a corn salsa. I brought back a couple of tomato salsas and tomatillo salsa.  Of course, Benji wanted some “dip dip” so we passed the tomatillo sauce to him, he ate some, but said it was “spa-see” and drank some chocolate milk. 

Salsa Bar


Our entrees were quick to come out and we portioned out some of the macaroni and cheese, black beans, rice, and tomatoes for Benji.  Seemed all he was interested in was his chocolate milk, though.

I took a bite of my pork taco and remarked how good it tasted.  Ogre replied smartly, “Stole my idea for dinner, did you?”  I furrowed my brow at him and offered him some.  He said that it was too sweet.  He would not have had the appreciation for it that I did anyway! 

Benji handed me his cup and said “no mo.”  I was surprised to find that he had almost finished the entire cup!  No wonder he isn’t eating anything.  Not to mention the late afternoon snack of grapes and pumpkin muffins.  As he was playing with star that indicates whose order is whose, it fell onto his plate.  He picked it up and REALLY wanted to slap it back onto his food.  I told him “No.”  He whimpered but understood.  You could still totally tell that he wanted to do it, so I had Ogre take it away. 

His mood significantly improved when I ate the gross little bits of chips that he was offering me.  I did not want him to be in a foul mood, so I obliged.  As I was playing with him, the love of my life stole a bite of my pork tacos.  I gave him a little stinkeye, then asked him to refill my drink.  When he came back, I took a couple more bites of each taco and left a little of both on my plate and told him I was done.  He said, “See, you weren’t going to finish it anyway.”  I replied, “Well, I didn’t know that at the time that you took the bite!”  His response, “I know when you’re slowing down and when you’re not going to be finishing your food and then I swoop in.”  I have always said that he only stays with me to get to my leftovers. 


The food

This is a great place to pop in for lunch or dinner to get a quick, but very good Tex Mex meal.  The gourmet tacos seriously rock!

I love the fact that you can make a 1 or 2 taco plate and that it can be two different tacos, if you please.  I love variety so it’s perfect for me. 

One Fish Taco/One Pork TacoI ordered the #6: Roasted Pork Taco with Honey Chipotlesauce -the pork was very, very tender and the taco itself was delish!!  This is the first time that I’ve ever ordered this and it’s my new favorite.  The sauce is sweet, but I did not think it was sickeningly sweet.  To be fair, though, Ogre thought it was too sweet.


Two Fish TacosThe rest of the tacos at Team Phipps’ table were fish tacos.  They are excellent here.  It’s lightly breaded whitefish served with a chipotle sauce and it is outstanding.  The fish is flaky and the sauce is very complimentary.  Certainly my favorite in Dallas.  (If you’re ever in Austin, though, check out the fish tacos at Z Tejas -amazing!).  Ogre loves these, too.  He hardly ever orders fish tacos, but almost always gets at least one here!


Mac and CheeseWe ordered boring macaroni and cheese for Benji.  Boring.  You can imagine what that’s like, it’s Kraft brand.  Other items on the kids menu includes quesadillas, soft chicken tacos, grilled chicken, a cheeseburger, or chicken tenders.  On the side you have a choice of black beans, french fries, rice, sliced apples, steamed broccoli, corn on the cob or mashed potatoes AND it comes with a drink and dessert -very nice kids menu if I do say so.  They actually have healthful choices here!!  All for $3.99!


The service

Counter service.  This time, I was our server.  I did not do a very good job though because I gave up after the first round of drinks.  I made Ogre get our refills.  The manager was nice and brought out my requested extra chipotle sauce very expediently.


The kids

This is a casual, counter service restaurant that undoubtedly welcomes kids.  They have an excellent kids menu, but as one would expect in this type of restaurant, no crayons or anything like that.  This being a “faster food” restaurant, the food comes out pretty quickly so there isn’t much time for kids to succumb to boredom and bad behavior. 

This is a great choice for a quick bite of great tasting food! 

The total: $24.41

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