The experience

So Grace had arranged a tea party for me and Mina for father’s day at Into My Garden Tearoom in downtown Plano.  Sounded like a fun idea and Mina was very excited.  We arrived to our party and found a table set with some games, princess books and a nice tea set.  Looked like fun.


We settled in to our table and I pulled out the Hello Kitty bingo first.  We played a round and the waitress soon arrived.  Mina ordered her food and she asked if I was having tea.  I said yes and she brought over the box of teas to choose from while Mina and I played more bingo.  They had an orange tea which she wanted to try because she had liked the one she had when we had a tea party on our vacation to Cat Spring.  I went for the Earl Grey.  DSC_0077

When she came back to get our tea selection she asked my name and realized they had messed up and thought we were supposed to come two hours earlier.  I asked for milk with our tea and they went off to setup another table for another father and daughter coming in.

Our tea and Mina’s sandwich along with a teapot of pink lemonade came out shortly and I got my plate of cakes and tea sandwich along with some jam and Devonshire cream.


We switched to the Fancy Nancy cards while we ate.  They brought out a little kit for Mina to make a bracelet and took our picture for us.  We drank the tea with our pinkies up like Fancy Nancy, too.


We finished up our meal and Mina went for some ice cream while I had a bit more tea.  I told her we could look around the Nooks n’ Crannies store the tearoom was in on our way out.  Mina paid for lunch with her Hello Kitty bank card.  I bought her a few things  from the store on the way out and we headed home.

The food

DSC_0081Really tasty tearoom munchies.  The appeared to have other more lunch size items as well but I just had the afternoon tea plate.  It had several tasty cakes.  Two fruit based one and one very rich chocolate cake.  It also had a tea sandwich with cream cheese, carrots, and cucumber.  It was all very good.  The Devonshire cream was great as was the jam.  My only complaint was that I wished they had cream for the tea rather than milk.

DSC_0080DSC_0084Mina got a peanut butter and jelly sandwich that came cut in the shape of a heart with two heart shaped chocolate chip cookies.  It also had to fruit kabobs with strawberries, blackberries, and grapes.  Mina at it all but gave me the blackberries.  She got some strawberries and cream ice cream for dessert that was quite tasty as well.

The service

Great service.  Very attentive and very friendly.

The kids

Super kid friendly.  Not sure that this father-daughter tea wasn’t something special for the day, but there was another group with no fathers and they were having a tea party with their little girls and they had all gotten hats.  Over by the restrooms they also appeared to have all sorts of kid related items so they definitely do this often.

Total Cost: $25

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