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The experience

Today we would be going to celebrate my birthday at dinner!  Since we wanted to keep our options open, we decided we’d better hit a new restaurant for lunch.  We decided on Lenny’s Sub Shop.  Unfortuntely, when we drove to the one we recalled at Spring Creek and 75, we found it to be extinct.  Doh!  We remembered that there was a Jersey Mike’s Subs and decided to head there instead. 

I took the kids to a booth and told Ogre what I wanted while he went to the counter to order.  he guy behind the counter was super friendly telling Ogre what he thought tasted great. 

Meanwhile the kids and I waited patiently for Papa.  Benji had been napping in the car so he was being quiet.  I was glad that he was not cranky.

When Papa arrived with chips, Benji immediately perked up and dug right in.

Our sandwiches arrived and got those ready for the kids while Ogre finished getting drinks for everyone.  I had chips also and poured those on my paper. 

We all were pretty happy to eat and the kids behaved, but I noticed that once I offered a taste of my chips, they were gone in three seconds flat by four tiny little hands. 


The food

It’s a sub shop.

I ordered the Original Italian (minus the pepperoni) and I had it made “Mike’s Way” (minus oil).  I thought it was an average sub.  The bread was a little more crisp than I’d like and I definitely like the Italian at Firehouse Subs more.   It definitely wasn’t bad, but not awesome.  Ogre said it wasn’t as good because I nixed the pepperoni.  He said it made it less meaty.

Ogre ordered the Philly Cheesesteak and he liked it a lot.  He recalled that he didn’t like this place, but has now decided he was mistaken. 

The kids had a ham and cheese sub and they both seemed to like it.  Mina ate her entire half.


The service

Counter service, but the guys behind the counter definitely deserve mention for being friendly and helpful.


The kids

Well, it has kids sized sandwiched (it’s actually the same as the adult mini). Definitely laid back and casual.

I think it’s a pretty good sub shop, but there are ones that I like more, so it wouldn’t be my first choice, but it certainly wouldn’t be my last choice.


Rants, Raves and Ramblings

So where’d we go for my birthday dinner?  Rick’s Chop House.  Excellent and kid friendly again!

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