The experience

Another day, another restaurant.  I actually suggested eating at the Pho restaurant on Spring Creek tonight.  Well, turns out there is no Pho restaurant in Spring Creek (near 75).  Old sign, I guess.  Our back up plan was go to TGI Friday’s.  I was actually thinking about the one in Firewheel, but then remembered that there was one right by the mall so not too far from where we were.  We headed on over.

We were seated right away and looked over the menu.  It was very “Jack Daniels” heavy, seems as though they won some kind of BBQ sauce contest.  Mina was very adamant and confident that she wanted ribs.  We figured she and Benji could share a kids meal as they usually do.  Since we were still trying to read through the lengthy menu, we went ahead and ordered the kids food.

We put in our dinner order and Mina and Benji colored while Ogre and I chatted.  The kids food came out pretty quickly and Ogre cut up the ribs for them.  I was getting worried that the kids would be totally done with their food before our came out as they were quickly devouring the mandarin oranges and the ribs.  Benji moved all the oranges to his plate.  Mina got upset, but we decided to go ahead and order another side of oranges.



Our food came out and Mina was quickly finishing up the ribs.  Jeez.  I’ve never seen her eat so fast.  She declared that she wanted more ribs.  Fine.  We decided to order another kids meal complete with more mandarin oranges also!

Benji also said that he wanted some of my “hamburger” (it was actually a chicken sandwich) and I obliged.  Unfortunately, the chicken kept sliding out of his sandwich and he ended up just eating the bread.



All through dinner, the music was playing loudly overhead so the kids were dancing.  One of the first songs Benji ever learned to sing was “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap,” overhead, they played another AC/DC song and the kids loved it!



Because of their good behavior and eating well the kids split a Strawberry Smoothie.

Although I ate 3/4 of my burger, I still left hungry, no fault of TGI Friday’s, only my own increased metabolic drive!  The rest of Team Phipps was quite happy.


The food

American I suppose.

DSC_0295I ordered the Jack Daniel’s Chicken Sandwich (without the bacon or onion strings).  Not awesome.  The chicken was dry and it wasn’t very flavorful.  I didn’t taste much of the “award winning” Jack Daniel’s sauce.  It’s served with a Jack Daniel’s Mayo, which wasn’t bad.  I ordered mine with salad, which wasn’t too impressive either.

DSC_0296Ogre ordered the Pecan Crusted Chicken Salad and it apparently tasted as good as it smelled!  Ogre loved the salad and said he’d definitely be back for this again!  The salad is dressed with mandarin oranges, dried cranberries, bleu cheese and a balsamic vinaigrette.

The kids had ribs and mandarin oranges.  Mina liked it so much we had to order a SECOND kids’ meal!Ogre tried the ribs and he said that the meat was very tender and the ribs were meaty.  The sauce is a sweet BBQ sauce. 


The service

Service was pretty good today.  Nothing to complain about.  He didn’t smell very good, but other than that he was attentive and informative.


The kids

It’s kid friendly.  Kids activities, kids menu, laid back and loud.  I love loud restaurants not only because it drowns out the kids, but also because when they play music, the kids like to dance.


TGI Friday’s has definitely come along way in taste from where they were 5 to 10 years ago.  We don’t eat here very often, so we were pleasantly surprised.

The total:  29 bucks!  I don’t know what was up with the cost of dinner tonight, but my meal and Ogre’s meal were 5 bucks each!  The kids meal was more expensive at 5.50 x 2 = 11 bucks for them!

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