The experience

We went to the Galveston aquarium today, which by the way, was awesome.  Against Ogre’s better judgement, we decided to head straight from there to dinner.  It was 5 o’clock and we thought it would be fun to take the ferry to Crystal Beach where there was a seafood restaurant that caught Adrienne and Ogre’s eye in a magazine we read at the beach house.  I’ll just say that luckily, Benji fell asleep in the car and stayed asleep from our arrival to the ferry dock, across the water on the ferry and the FIFTEEN miles to Stingareeonce we got off the ferry.  We didn’t realize that last part, nor did we know that it would take almost 2 hours to get from the Aquarium to the restaurant by way of the ferry (wait time at the dock was at least 45 minutes).  Unfortunately, for our friends, and more so for Kaili, she did not nap on the way.


I asked the guys to make sure there wasn’t a wait before waking up Benji and they checked and told me there wasn’t and to come on.  Hmmm, when I got to the top of the stairs, of course there actually WAS a wait.  Benji was a little drowsy, so I was afraid he would not be happy, but Papa took him to look in some of the bait tanks below and we were seated pretty quickly after about 10 minutes.


We all settled in and things started out okay.  We ordered some appetizers, the kids went out to look at the water off the dock.  After the kids had their fill of appetizers, we were still waiting on our food, so Mina went and looked at jellyfish with Don and Ogre followed with Benji, Kaili was nursing and fell asleep.   Benjamin sang “Itsy Bitsy Spider” with his Calamari.


I don’t know what happened, Kaili was awoken by something or another and then all kids of heck broke loose and she didn’t want to go back to sleep, was kicking chairs, screaming, so her dad took her outside.  Of course, this all happens right when the food got here.  Adrienne came back in to eat and ate pretty quickly hoping that she could relieve Tony, but they eventually came back in and Tony was not pleased and did not want to eat dinner saying it was now cold.  Kaili seemed to be in a little better mood now and the rest of us finished dinner.

Adrienne had actually already requested their check so they could leave ASAP with Kaili and get her to bed and maybe let Tony eat in the car or something (that wasn’t going to happen).  They left and I finished off my dinner while the kids went outside again with Ogre and Don.

We headed home and it was already almost 10 o’clock.  We got back to Galveston around 11pm and Don wanted to be dropped off in the middle of nowhere and Ogre now had a raging migraine and the kids still needed to go to bed…For the rest of story see below…


The food


DSC_0072We ordered calamari as an appetizer and it was average.  The breading was mildly spicy, but not so much that the kids didn’t eat it.  It was pretty generic, but the marinara sauce was pretty good.  We also ordered crab stuffed jalapenos, DSC_0071which Ogre liked a lot and I thought they tasted okay, but those just aren’t my thing.


DSC_0081I ordered the Stuffed Crab thinking at a Seafood restaurant, I was going to get some crabby filling.  No, just your generic crab dressing that is way to bready for me.  Ogre liked it though as he does not like his crab dressing to be too crabby.  I would not order this again, but it was not a horrible dish.

DSC_0079Ogre ordered some kind of Shrimp Lover’s plate with stuffed shrimp, breaded shrimp, shrimp scampi, coconut shrimp.  He really liked it and thought it was almost too much food! 

DSC_0078Adrienne had the lump crab with some kind of basil sauce on it and thought it was excellent.  I tried some and agree.  They did tell us that the crab is local, which is a plus.

I don’t know what Tony and Don had at the other end of the table.

DSC_0080The kids shared catfish fillets and loved them, which I’ve decided is great that they actually like something besides chicken and burgers!


The service

Average at best.  Started out well, but she did tell us the kitchen was “slow” tonight…whatever that means and it was slow.  She was slow, too though, taking quite a bit of time for drinks and refills.  We were probably there for 2 hours and it took a good 30 minutes or more to get our food. 


The kids

It’s got kids menu, kids activities, cool sights to see (jellyfish, the sunset, the water), it’s laid back, so definitely kid friendly….once you get there.  And this experience was a great reminder that it doesn’t matter how kid friendly a restaurant is, if you child is not being restaurant friendly (i.e., no nap/bad mood), it’s not going to be a good experience no matter what!!


We won’t venture this trip again, it’s too much to do with little ones I think…the food was good, but I think the food is just as good on Galveston and other than the restaurant, there’s not much to see on Crystal Beach.


The total: 70s (i think ogre may have had one adult bevvie)


Rants, Raves, and Ramblings

So, Ogre forgot his abortive migraine meds.  No problem, right?  We’ll just have them called in to the nearest pharmacy.  Ahhh, not so fast.  All the pharmacies (even the “24 hour” pharmacies) close at 10pm on the weekends.  Nearest one?  In Texas City…20 miles away.  By now, Ogre is vomiting from his migraines and in a lot of pain, so I decided we should just hit an urgent care center.  Luckily, I ran into a EMT in the pharmacy who told me that the ONLY ONE is at UTMB and gave me directions…crappy directions.  I found the medical center after stopping again to ask (by now Ogre has puked about 4 times) and spent another good 15 minutes circling trying to find the ER/urgent care center.  I dropped off Ogre and parked the car then had to find my way on foot from the parking garage with my two kids.  There is no signage directing anyone anywhere and I found it by sheer luck!  I dropped Ogre off at 1130PM, we got triaged at 1215 and did not see the doctor until 0215, after which I took Benji home and drove back and picked up Ogre to go home at 0430, getting us home at 0530 (12 hours after we left the aquarium).  Ugh.  Ugh. And triple ugh.

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