The experience

As dinnertime rolled around, Benji was sleeping peacefully at Lala’s house, so I told Mina that we’d go and get Papa and eat dinner without him and pick him up later.  We headed back to the house to get Ogre and as we drove down our street, we tried to figure out what’s for dinner.  I made some suggestions and gave him some grief about eating sushi without me the other night.  We asked Mina if she’d rather have sushi or korean food (what we’d narrowed down to) and she decided on sushi, I think because I missed it the other night.  So we ended up at the Blue Fish in Allen (newly opened).

We arrived to the Blue Fish in Allen and found parking to be sparse.  Ogre dropped off Mina and me and we found a 20 minute wait ahead of us.  She and I sat down and waited for Ogre.  She read her Grinch book while we waited. When Ogre returned, he told me that he parked in the parking garage but had to hop over a 4 foot ledge because he couldn’t figure his way out of the garage!

We were seated after about 15 minutes and looked over the menu after we ordered some drinks and an ahi tower to start.  Mina was excited to draw on the back of the sushi order sheet and kept pestering us about what we wanted so she could fill in the numbers.

Our ahi tuna came out and we put in our sushi order.  Luckily, I remembered to also order dinner for Mina!  Mina started crying when I told her she’d have to try the tuna tower, which I didn’t really get since she LOVES tuna…I think the avocado grossed her out.  Anyway, she ate her bite and was totally fine with it.  Sheesh.

Our food came out as it was ready and we noted the TVs overhead as they were playing some Michael Jackson stuff.  Mina was pretty good during dinner.  They did not have ketchup so our waitress suggested that orange mayo, but she didn’t like that either saying it was too spicy (it wasn’t! she just knew it’s called spicy mayo).

We were able to persuade her to finish her dinner more quickly with the promise of Pacuigo next door, so we finished up and headed next door before getting the Benji.

The food

Sushi.  Some Japanese entrees also.

We ordered the Ahi Tower, which we liked, but Mina did not.  It’s diced tuna atop avocado atop rice with 3 types of roe.  Normally, they mix it all up for you after they present the tower, but we opted to mix ourselves so we could take  a picture.  It’s a pretty large appetizer.

We ordered some sushi and sushi rolls.  We had to order the blue fin tuna sushi as they were out of the “regular” cheaper fare…I must say it was excellent, very fresh and buttery smooth!  I also ordered shrimp sushi which is never a standout anywhere, but I like it!

I ordered a sushi roll, but cannot recall the name and I don’t see it on their website.  It had shrimp tempura, cucumber and avocado I think inside and spicy tuna on top with a “martini dressing” which is that orange mayo stuff.  I really like it, but it was slightly spicy.

Ogre ordered the Rock Manhattan Roll, which was similar to mine, but has fresh jalapenos inside and also has crab and a crab stick with siracha sauce.  Ogre thought this was roll was excellent!  He kept wanting me to try it, but I knew it’d be way to spicy!  He also ordered the Yellowtail Heaven.  This had razor thin yellowtail sitting in a ponzu sauce with cilantro and siracha sauce and a slice of jalapeno atop each piece of yellowtail.  I tried this without the jalapeno and I agree that it was very tasty.

Mina ordered the Seafood tempura appetizer (double shrimp and calamari -you get to choose three types of seafood, the others were scallops, whitefish or salmon).  Ogre and I tried her calamari, which were thick pieces of squid and were quickly reminded of how tender calamari can be.  I suppose they use the fresh stuff and bread it there because despite being thick pieces, it was super tender and had great flavor!

The service

Service was pretty good tonight.  We didn’t have to hunt for our waitress, she (or some other people) kept our glasses filled and the food came out as I would anticipate (as it’s ready).


The kids

No kids activities or kids menus, so not the kid friendliest sushi restaurant.  They have some appetizer dishes that could convert to a kid friendly dish, but if your kids don’t like sushi or tempura, I might give this place a second thought.

Well, it was definitely good, but pricier than we like to spend on sushi…I remember thinking while eating dinner that I’d much rather have a 10 dollar mamasan roll at Awaji over the 15 dollar roll (which was good!) I was eating!

The total: $128 (2 sakes)

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