The experience

DSC_0012Team Phipps was in a going out to breakfast kind of mood today.  I finished rounding and found the kids and Ogre just about ready to head out.  Problem was that we had no idea where we could this morning.  We wanted to kill two birds with one stone, so Ogre headed to the laptop to find a breakfast place we hadn’t eaten at yet.  He found a few choices and we ended up driving out to Addison to the Egg and I.

We were seated right away and we forgot Benji’s clip on chair.  I decided that I’d let Benji try to sit on the bench for breakfast.  Mina started right away with the coloring on her coloring sheet.  Benji did, too, but his efforts were short lived.



We quickly ordered breakfast and tried to keep Benji contained in his place.   He escaped a few times and was very agreeable to going and sitting down.  “Okay,” he’d say, but then two minutes later out of his seat again.

Luckily, the food came out lightning fast.  We told Benji to sit down and eat and he took us quite literally and sat down on the bench and was unable to reach the table.  I asked the waitress for a booster, which was probably my smartest move at breakfast this morning.  He sat in his chair and I was able to use my arm as his “seat belt” and he stayed put (at times unhappily) for the rest of breakfast.  Hence, not very many pictures taken because I was left with only one hand, which I needed to eat with!

The rest of breakfast was pretty uneventful.  Benji had quite a few coughing spells, which I am sure made those around us wonder if we’d brought swine flu in.


The food

They are pretty obvious with what they’re selling here.  They serve breakfast and particularly egg dishes, but they do have waffles, pancakes, and french toast.  They also serve lunch items.

DSC_0014I ordered the “Viva La France,” which comes with “custard” crusted sour dough French Toast, eggs, and bacon, ham or sausage.  I chose ham.  The ham was very tasty!  My eggs were good, I just ordered them scrambled, so I can’t go and on about how great they were.  They were pretty plain.  I did not like my Frency Toast, but I had a suspicion that I wouldn’t as I’ve learned (but not learned well enough yet!) that I don’t like sour dough French Toast!

DSC_0018Ogre ordered the Mexican Omelette and loved it.  He was offered two types of sauces, one green and one red and he requested both on his and thought they sauces were both tasty and that the Omelette was very well prepared. 

DSC_0017Mina ordered eggs, toast, and bacon and she liked this. 


DSC_0016Benji ordered a waffle, eggs and bacon and he did not eat much of his waffle, but I tried it and thought it was quite good.  It was prepared Belgian-waffle style.


The service

Our waitress was very friendly and attentive.  I liked the fact that they left carafes of coffee for Ogre and me on the table.  Food comes out very timely. 


The kids

Yes, kid friendly.  Kids activity sheets, kids menu, laid back and casual.

Ogre says he’d definitely eat here again and that the eggs were undoubtedly good.  I’m not convinced but am willing to give it another try in the near future.  How’s that for ambivalence?!

The total: 30 bucks

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