The experience

I have a thing against eating sandwiches at any time other than at lunch.  So, if we are ever going to blog about a sandwich joint, we’d have to do it at lunch.  Today was that day.  Actually, we had a few other choices we considered including Freebirds, which I suspect Ogre was secretly hoping for.  In the end, we asked Mina if she’d rather have a burrito or a sandwich for lunch and she chose a sandwich.  So, we’d have lunch at the Great Outdoors today.


Ogre and Mina high-tailed it in to the restuarant while I was left to put Benji’s socks and shoes back on as he had decided to remove these en route to the restaurant.  Mina and he had already chosen a table that made me frown.  Benji wanted to run around, so I sat at one of the sunny tables, only to hear Mina say, “But, Mommy, we’re going to sit at this table,” pointing at the table in the corner.  Ugh.  I moved over to the non-sunny table.


Ogre was busy ordering our food at the counter and Mina pulled out her DS while Benji roamed about.  Ogre arrived with the drinks and I muttered a comment about the poor table choice.  He suggested we move, but I was hesitant since Mina had chosen this table.  I pointed out the tables in the “sun room” and she decided that those tables would be suitable after all.  We packed up our stuff and moved to one of the tables in the “sun room” and I was happy to now be sitting in a sunny spot.  Ahhhh.


Ogre then brought over the sandwiches and the chips.  The kids immediately dove after the chips.  Forget the sandwiches.  It was easy to redirect Mina to eat her sandwich, but Benji not so much.  He was either eating Cheetos or dancing with his sister.

After I finished my sandwich, I asked Ogre to get a fork so I could cut up Benji’s sandwich and feed it to him.  This worked out well and he ended up eating all of the bananas and peanut butter.

Ogre decided to play Mina’s DS while she was eating.  He was playing some game called Brain Age.  His brain age?  65.  Mina’s from earlier?  88.  I initially thought that the higher the number, the better, but apparently the score is better if it’s close to 20.  Come on, a 20 year old’s brain is better than my 31 year old brain, I don’t think so.  Perhaps this should be in the Rant section.  Anyway, I tried and mine was only 61.  I was unable to subtract 8 from 46 during serial 8s .  Multiple times.  Ogre had to tell me the right answer.  Don’t ask.  My brain just sucks, okay??!


The food

The Great Outdoor serves sandwiches of your typical fare and then some that are a little more interesting, but not too far out there.  They also have ice cream that can be made into shakes or malts.

DSC00266Ogre and I both order The Invention, which is one of their more colorfuls sandwiches, and tastier ones, too.  This is a terribly good sandwich with ham atop a bed of veggies, cream cheese and mushrooms warmed in the oven to a perfect temperature.  We like ours with thousand island…try it out, it’s very tasty!!

DSC00265Mina ordered a ham and bacon sandwich.  What can I say, the girl likes pig.  She liked it just fine.


DSC00263For Benji, we ordered the peanut butter and banana sandwich with honey.  He also thought this was very tasty.  Mina requested the last bite and says, “it was good.”


For kids, you can order a half sandwich or salad or the peanut butter/banana sandwich as a meal.

The service

Counter service!

The kids

I’d say it’s a kid friendly restaurant.  Heck, they’ve got ice cream!  It’s casual and laid back with a couple of choices of sandwiches for the kids.

We think this a great spot for a sandwich with the family, low-key but high quality food!

The total: $24.18

Rants, Raves, and Ramblings

I get to share my teenage odd job story about Jerry Oliverie.  A new fast food restaurant was opening in Denton and I applied for a job there in high school.  It was called the Hero Pasta Grill and I have to tell you, the food was excellent.  Unfortunately, like many other restaurant ventures, this one didn’t make it a short time after I went off to college.  BUT, I was there at the beginning and Jerry Oliverie came in for dinner with his family and left me a $20 tip!  Why in the world would Jerry Oliverie be eating at Hero Pasta Grill in Denton??  His brother, Dominick Oliverie was the owner of this little unappreciated gem.  He was a wonderful man to work for and the brothers are both charming.  Turns out, they were actually partners in The Great Outdoors, but they amicaly parted ways after some disagreements and Jerry Oliverie carried on with The Great Outdoors while Dominick Oliverie opened and still runs Great American Hero.

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