The experience

Benjamin fell asleep again right as dinner time rolled around, so we opted to leave him sleeping at Lala’s house while we ate dinner.  I have been wanting to got the Rose Tattoo Grille and Wine restaurant for some time.  I’ve been there a couple of times with my business partner and her husband and one of those nights happened to be a Monday where we learned they have 1/2 price bottled wine.  In the past, we’d think of it and say, let’s wait til it’s a Monday.  Well, enough time passed that I won’t be having any alcohol at this restaurant for childsplate since I’m not pregnified.  But, I did remember for Ogre and we headed here tonight.

The place was wide open when we arrived and we picked a table by the wall where Mina could admire and ask and ask and ask about the clocks overhead.  She is very inquisitive these days.

We perused the menu.  Mina brought her somewhat annoying Vtech computer in to play with while we set up dinner.  I had her turn it way down even though, quite frankly, the restaurant was almost completely empty.

We ordered dinner and the cheese plate came out pretty quickly.  Mina was in a super adventurous mood today and opted to try EVERYTHING!  Can you believe it.  Now, she did not like most of it, but the fact that she tried is enough to impress her parents!

We ordered mussels and somewhat assumed she would not like them, but told her the only way she would be allowed to play with mussel shells would be to eat one.  So she did…and she liked them! 

She did not like the four cheese flat bread we ordered specifically with her in mind, but she ate so many mussels that we let her off the hook on eating those. 

We debated ordering more small plates, but decided against it.

The owner came over to check on us and clear some plates and we had a very nice conversation with him about dining with kids, our kids’ expensive taste, and when he cleared Mina’s plate, he offered to wash off the mussels for her to take home.

After he’d been gone awhile, Mina asked about her mussels, I’d honestly forgot about them and assumed he had too amidst our long conversation, but no, about 10 minutes later, he came out with the cleanest, shiniest mussel shells I’ve ever seen nicely packaged up for her!

We also ordered dessert and found that to be excellent, so we all left happy.  We picked up Benji and Mina was kind enough to give one of the mussels to her brother.  Ogre told Mina to show Benji how the mussels “talk” and she said to him while opening and closing the shell, “Hi, Benji,” and right on cue, Benji answered in an equally high pitched voice using his mussel shell, “Hi, Nina.” (He calls her Nina).


The food

A little bit of this and a little bit of that.  They had some tapas style “small plates,” some flat breads, and a few entrees.

IMG00636We ordered mussels, which are prepared in saffron tomato broth.  There was a little bit of overwhelming something in my opinion (basil?) but overall a pretty good dish.  The mussels themselves were very good, not chewy, seemed fresh.  Ogre thought these were really good, and he is very picky about mussels.

IMG00633We ordered the cheese plate with brie, pepper crusted goat cheese and a bleu cheese served with apples, crackers, pistachios and olives.  Very good but unsure if worth the 16 bucks we paid for it.


IMG00635The flatbreads were also very good.  We ordered the goat cheese and tomatoes flat bread as well as the four cheese flat bread.  Both had a nice, crisp thin crust.  I liked the goat cheese flat bread more than the cheese and I think Ogre thought oppositely IMG00634as he loved the truffle oil drizzled atop the four cheese flat bread.

The creme brulee we had for dessert was excellent.  The texture was perfect and it was nicely crusted with sugar without melting the creme.  It is made with a tahitian vanilla bean and was  a nice size for sharing.

The service

There was one server for the whole restaurant.  Luckily, there were only two other tables.  The owner was helping out in all capacities.  Even with the staff stretched thin, we did not feel overlooked and they were very attentive.  Food came out very reasonably spaced.


The kids

It’s probably not meant to be kid friendly, but the guy who owns the joint was very kid friendly to us.  They don’t have a kids menu or kids activities and I’m assuming most of their clientele is not expecting to see kids in the restaurant, but if you bring the kids, I don’t think the ownership will be huffy!

I enjoy this place, I’d probably enjoy it more if I weren’t pregnant, but that’s how the dice rolled.  I hope this place stays open, it’s great for a near by, good quality bite…no if they could perk up their wine menu….

The total:$74 (1 bottle of wine)


Rants, Raves, and Ramblings

About the title of the post, they only had 6 wines to choose from!  We assume they’ve fallen on hard times since the last time we came I know they had a more extensive wine menu.  Still, Ogre liked the wine he ended up choosing (I think he tried 2 of the 3 reds) and we had some to take home with us as well.

AND! Our camera fell out of the truck as we opened the door and the lens was not salvageable!  Ugh!

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