The experience

Earlier today, I told Ogre that I wanted to eat at Vietnamese restaurant.  While we were at home, Ogre changed it to Star of Siam, which was fine with me.  THEN, when we got in the truck to eat, Ogre decides, nah, he’s in the mood for Indian food.  Sheesh. We let Mina decide between two Indian restaurants, and she chose India Palace.  I warned her that it wasn’t really a palace, just in case she was getting excited about that. We drove across town with only a slight complaint from Ogre that we were driving so far again tonight.

India Palace

We walked in and the specials on the board immediately caught my attention: Grilled Lamb with a Curry Cilantro sauce.  We were seated right away, but unfortunately, they didn’t have any booths left.  Ogre clipped Benji’s chair on and sat across from him for safety.  Mina sat down and read the book she brought with her while Ogre and I looked over the huge (and I’m being literal, it was, like, 2 feet long!) menu.

They immediately brought out the crackly crackers and dips.  Benji insisted on having one of each, including, and, specifically the spicy one.  He ate it, too.  And told me it was spicy and needed water.  The Spice Prince.


We ordered drinks and ordered a Mango Lassi for the kids to share.  The servers were proactive in not pouring the kids water in their glasses; instead, they brought over Styrofoam cups.  Benji kept calling these “Cop-pee” (coffee) because they were coffee styrofoam cups!  He kept trying to give it to me saying, “Eat Mommy Coppee.”

While we looked over the menu, the hostess came back to our table with a coloring placemat and some crayons for Mina.  Great! There were lots of activities on there for Mina to busy herself with.


Ogre and I put in our order for dinner.  A few minutes later, our waiter returned to tell me that they didn’t have any of my entree anymore.  Shoot.  He suggested I order the Lamb Chop Masala.  Okay.  Why not?  They also brought out the “tomato soup” right about then.  Boy, was it tasty!  The kids thought very highly of it, too!  Benji even found his spoon and decided that he was a big enough boy to eat it himself.  He actually did a great job!


And can you believe that my little vegetable hater (Mina), liked the soup??!!  She was surprised to hear that it was tomato soup.  We used the opportunity to teach her that it’s fun to try new foods.  I don’t think she believed us.


While we waited, Mina continued to busy herself with her activities.  She couldn’t find the word “NAPKIN” on her word find.  I looked over Ogre’s shoulder as he tried to find it and couldn’t.  I found it, but then on second glance, realized that it wasn’t the right word.  Finally, I told Mina to change the “A” to a “P” to make it work.  Ogre accused me of “cheating.”  I told him I wasn’t cheating, I was correcting.  Once that issue was resolved, she went back to her seat to finish up her word find.

Benji was just talking up a storm this entire time.  Singing his ABCs, singing London Bridge and then he and Mina attempted to clap their hands and sing ABC’s “jazz style,” as Mina calls it.  Silly kids.

Our food came out and we split up the child’s plate.  Mina and Benji were excited to see the “Happy Faces” (french fries).  Benji kept saying, “Look, Mommy!  Eyes!”  Yes, Benji, eyes.

Chicken Tikka

Then we started eating.  I thought mine was quite tasty.  Ogre was having some kind of experience over in his chair.  He kept saying, “Hoo wah!” which made Benji say “hoo wah!” and he kept wanting me to touch his sweaty head.  And, yes, I did because he wouldn’t give up!  It was pretty gross, but he was so excited and kept updating me as the sweat crossed the threshold to his forehead.  I shake my head.  The waiter even came by to encourage him along with his ultra spicy meal.  Ogre was so excited to be eating this dish.  He said it was the spiciest dish he’s had in a very long time.  Even spicier than Mr. Boo’s in Nashville.

The kids ate very well again tonight.  Mina turned her Indian entree into Mexican by making a chickenburrito.”


It was quite a task to keep Benji still in his seat and the table was very precarious because it had a soft top to it so the drinks were very wobbly.  We sang ABCs to calm him down.  But he kept saying, “I done.”  I tried ignoring him and distracting him to no avail.  He ended up screaming, “I DONE!!!” at the top of his lungs.  Luckily, the restaurant was pretty hopping at this point.  When I said, “SHHH!!”  Benji thought this was funny and did it, too, ending the embarrassment.

Mina started complaining that her arm was burning, which made me think she got some of Ogre’s crazy sauce on her arm.  Ogre was about done with dinner at this point and took her to the restroom to wash her hands.  When they got back, someone else needed to wash his hands, too, so Ogre had to take him to the restroom.  He ordered a Sweet Yogurt Lassi before they left.

The waiter was so impressed with Ogre’s dining feat, that he told him the Yogurt Lassi would be on the house.

We settled the tab after Ogre cooled himself down with a tall glass of Sweet Yogurt Lassi.

The food

They serve Indian foods, specifically, many of the dishes are from Northern India.

Lamb MasalaI ended up with the Lamb Chop Masala, which did not disappoint!  The lamb was prepared very well and was tender.  They grilled the Lamb Chop and then poured the sauce on it.  The sauce was very sweet and velvety and had wonderful tomato cream sauce with sweet onions and spices.

Chicken PhallOgre ordered the Chicken Phall.  I remembered on the Chef’s Specials that it said something like, “For the Bravest of Hearts”!!  I guess they weren’t kidding.  Ogre says that not only was this very, very spicy, it was very, very flavorful.  He called the dish “excellent.”  He described it as having a flavor reminiscent of Vindaloo sauce, but had a more robust flavor.  He cannot wait to share this find with his spice head friends!  He gave it five thumbs up.

We ordered the Vegetable Curry as a side and it was also wonderful.  It had a nice curry/nutty flavor to it and the veggies were very tender (but not limp or soggy).

Chicken TikkaMina and Benji shared the Chicken Tikka.  Ogre and I each had a taste of this and it was very good.  The chicken is very tender and has a great flavor.

The lassis were also very good.  The Mango Lassi has a sharp mango flavor and is very smooth. Ogre opted for the Sweet Lassi and it was sweet and tangy and also very tasty.

The service

Service was great tonight.  Our waiter was very attentive and well within reach if we needed anything.  He offered a great substitution for the dish that I wanted and was nice to the kids.  The food came out at a very appropriate and kid friendly tempo, also.

The kids

I do think this is a kid-friendly restaurant. When you walk in, you might think it’s a little more on the upscale side, but the restaurant is loud and laid back.  They have one kids menu item called “Childs Plate” -nice, huh?  It’s Chicken Tikka served with french fries in the shape of happy faces and fresh fruit.  They also offer crayons for the kids.

We like this restaurant a lot and would highly recommend it for Indian foodOgre HIGHLY recommends it for SUPER SPICY Indian food!!

The total: $81 ish

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