The experience

DSC_0001Today we decided to eat Indian food.  I know, JC’s Burger’s House does not sound like and Indian restaurant.  That’s because it’s not.  The restaurant we planned to go to was closed.  We find it random, but they are closed every Wednesday.  We asked Mina if she’d rather have burgers or pizza and she chose burgers leading us to JC’s Burger House off the GB tollway.

We walked in and Mina immediately went to find a table while Ogre and I read the menu and ordered.  Benji followed Mina to the table while I got a drink and followed right behind him since he decided to sit in a regular chair and I was afraid he’d fall.

Mina was busy playing with her DS and I pulled out Benji’s “snort” (I think it’s a tow truck) to play with.




Ogre came with 4 drinks in tow and we waited for our food.  Mina, of course, took up more than 50% of the bench space.



 I looked up to find that it was now Ogre playing with the DS.



Our food came out and we cut up part of Mina’s burger for Benji and each had some of one another’s sides.

Benji tended to take a bite of the cheeseburger, somehow eat off the cheese and spit out the rest.  That’s like some kind of super hero power that I couldn’t understand.

I, in the mean time, took a bite and asked Ogre if his burger bun was cold.  He said no and I pointed out that my bottom bun was ice cold.  He touched his and agreed that it was cold.  He thought it was weird because the top bun was warm and he thought they pulled the buns from room temp and put them in a toaster. 

I took another bite.  Nope, I couldn’t eat it.  It was absolutely unappetizing.  I brought my burger up to the counter.

“My burger is cold.”

“What do you mean?”

“The bottom bun of my burger is ice cold.”

“What do you want us to do about that, ma’am?” with an incredulous look on his face.

“Do you normally serve your burgers on cold buns?”

Another lady behind the counter said, “We’ll make you a new one.”

The other guy answered my question and spoke over the lady, “No, but I don’t know what you want me to do about that.”

I left the burger on the counter and told him, “You do what you think is right,” and walked off.

They did make me another burger and the outer part of the bun was warm but the middle wasn’t.  It was okay until I got to the middle.

While I was eating my not so awesome burger, Mina and Ogre played DS and Benji decided to run circles in the restaurant.



The guy who “didn’t know what to do” did come out to apologize and ask about the second burger.  I thanked him for the second attempt and we decided that it was probably because of the cold lettuce and tomatoes.  I told him that I wouldn’t eat another burger here because then it seemed like a chronic problem.  He started to say, “Well, that’s your opinion,” but I think he caught himself and decided to just say, “Sorry, again.”

After Benji stuffed his mouth with more tater tots, we left. I told Ogre to take a good look around…we wouldn’t be back.


The food

Burgers. fries, onion rings, salads, chicken sandwiches.

We each ordered a burger.  They don’t really have any bells and whistles burgers.  We sampled the fries, tater tots, and onion rings.



Note how the cheese was not even melted!!


I was not impressed with the burgers here.  They are well done and have no “juiciness” to them.  Borders on a quite dry.  Apparently, they toast the buns, but then the coldness of the veggies make the bottom bun ice cold.  I am downturning my mouth recalling it.

The onion rings were the best thing we ate, the tater tots were also pretty good and I did not like the french fries.


The service

Counter service plus.  They bring your burger out to you but you’re on your own for everything else…including telling them what to do with a cold burger. 


The kids

Sure, it’s kid friendly.  It’s burgers and it’s laid back.  No one minded that Benji was running around the restaurant.

Well, I won’t be back for a burger here.  I don’t know what to do with a cold burger except not eat it .  My kids liked this place, though, so I’ll leave it at “Eat at your own cold burger risk!”

The total:  Ogre hasn’t told me.

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