The experience

photoIt was another late start for us tonight as the family waited for me to finish up a meeting downtown before getting dinner.  I suggested Mama’s Pizza in Plano as I’d read that it was what some people considered THE best pizza in town.  We headed over and got there pretty quickly, but apparently 5 minutes too late for the buffet!

Mina already ate dinner with her grandparents, so she said she didn’t wat to eat.  I had Ogre order some cheesesticks and a pizza of his choice.  The kids were immediately drawn to the arcade games while I sat down at a table nearby.  The kids pretended they were playing video games while we waited for Ogre to come over.

Ogre ordered a salad and got his pickin’s from the salad bar and sat down with the kids.  As they were cleaning up the pizza buffet, one of the employees gave us 4 cinnamon rolls off the bar.  Benji’s eyes immediately lit up…”I want dat one!”  he said and pointed at them.  I told them he’d need to eat his dinner first.  “I don’t want pizza, I wat dat one!”  I reiterated my previous statement a few times.  Mina causally mentioned that she wanted one also and I told her she’d have to wait until the rest of finished dinner.

Our pizza and cheesesticks came out and Mina changed her mind saying she did want pizza now.  So we dished some out to both kids.  Ogre and I were chatting and every once in awhile, he’d stop mid-conversation, in awe, to say, “WOW!  They have (insert random archaic video game here)!” and then he’d describe the game to me and I’d smile politely as if I knew what the heck he was talking about.   He was so psyched to see all the games!

photoOgre finished his dinner, but Benji was being pokey about eating.  We told him that he still could not have a cinnamon roll and he threw a mild fit.  Ogre grabbed a cinnamon roll for himself and Benji was quite jealous.  In fact, when Ogre was looking, Benji very quickly swoopen in to grab his last bit of the cinammon roll.  For that, Ogre told him that he couldn’t have a cinammon roll.  Of course, Benji then threw a bigger fit. 

I can’t remember why Mina got up from the table, but when she did, Benji went and sat in her spot (she still had some of her cinnamon roll on her plate)…I think we were getting up to leave.  Benji gave me a big smile with his big eyes.  He whispered, “I want dat,”  Ogre was getting a box for our leftovers.  I decided to let him have a bite.   He was so happy.  I made Ogre get some foil to wrap up the last roll for Benji for later.

As we left, Benji grabbed Mina’s roll and took three quick bites, filled his mouth, and then we left. 


The food

Pizza.  They have a buffet until 8pm.

Ogre said the salad was actually quite good.  The veggies were fresh and they have whole  hard boiled eggs on the bar…he thinks salads are better with eggs!

The cheesesticks were really good!  It reminded of us of when we were in high school and we’d ordered Mr. Jim’s Jimsticks (cheesesticks) every weekend!  The cheese was good and nicely browned with a thin crust.


The pizza was also surprisingly good.  I say surprisingly because I was a little worried when I saw the thick rounded crust.  It’s a very buttery and garlicky crust though and tasted very fresh.  The tomato sauce was slightly sweet so that was also a plus.  Overall, a pretty good pizza, but I wouldn’t call it the best in the metroplex.



The service

Counter service.


The kids

Yes, it’s kid friendly.  They have a couple of video arcade games and well, it’s pizza!  For the Phipps, it’s all “when-I-was-a-kid friendly!

The pricing on the buffet for kids is kinda fun, kinda weird…4o cents for year of age to age 12!

It’s a decent pizza joint.  We didn’t get to try the buffet, though.  I bet we’ll be back and Ogre will be prepared with a pocket full of quarters next time!

The total: ~19 bucks

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