…or so it seemed having had such bland, unimpressive food for days on end.

We had to eat breakfast at the buffet at the resort and after a grueling trip to the airport from our resort, we settled into the food court at the Punta Cana airport.  My initial plan was to eat at an airport restaurant in Miami and blog about that, but I’m glad that we ate here as if I’d stuck with the intial plan, we wouldn’t have a restaurant to talk about -that’s a rant in an of itself!!

I had one delicious slice of mushroom pizza style prepared New York Style.  I can still taste the lusciousness.  The crust was thin and crispy and the tomato sauce was mild and flavorful.  I realize that my slice of heaven may not have been an excellent meal on a regular day, but that day, I was so glad to have something so yummy to eat!  Ogre ate a slice of pizza, too, and was probably more unbiased and also thought it was a really good slice of pizza!

Mina had combo meal from Wendy’s and Benji had a hot dog from Nathan’s.  I can tell you that Team Phipps had happy tummies on our way home!

Now for the rant.  If you’ve ever had your first portal of entry in Miami and have another destination.  I can empathize.  You have to get off the plane, walk to a tram, take a tram to customs, stand in a long, slow line, have your passport examined, stand in another line, find you checked baggage, take it over to another place to be reloaded, then go through security AGAIN with passports and boarding passes in hand.  The whole process took an hour and half!!  And our flight was late, which left us with about 20 minutes before boarding.  Little did we know that our plane would be delayed AN HOUR because of bad weather though.  It was quite the journey and we did not get home until 1:30 am last night!


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