The experience

Somehow I went from craving and wanting Sukiyaki to ending up at a burger joint.  I searched far and wide to find a place that serves Sukiyaki (other than Awaji) and came up with nothing.  I caught Benji’s cold and since I couldn’t have sukiyaki, I figured anything else would be find as long as everyone else was happy and everyone else is happy with burgers.   Ogre suggested Twisted Root down in Deep Ellum.  Sounded good so we packed up the kids and made the long trek down there.

photoWe arrived at parked and headed in.  It’s counter service, so I told Ogre what I wanted and went to sit down after we agreed that the kids could split a burger since it wasn’t on their kids menu.  Benji wanted to sit down in a regular chair, which we obliged him, too, but Ogre brought over a high chair. This time, Benji said, “No, I  don’t want a high chair!” Ogre told him that he needed to sit in his big boy chair, then, and we left the high chair in place as a reminder.


photoOgre brought over Root Beers for everyone…including Benji.  He got stinkeye for that, he told me that they didn’t have anything else for him to drink.  Uhhh, water??  I caved, but it turned out that Benji didn’t like it anyway and I’d have to get waters for him and Mina. 

Ogre picked up our food when we were called and we fixed up the kids burger just the way they like -with mayo.  Benji had eaten a sandwich earlier at home and wasn’t that hungry. We were sitting by the patio door and every time someone walked in or out of that door, it was like sauna!  Despite that, we all enjoyed dinner.  Benji heard the Rolling Stones playing overhead and sang along, which amused Ogre quite a bit!

As dinner wound down, Ogre went to order a milkshake for me and the baby.  Benji and Mina got up to dance to Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress.”  Their dancing was pretty infectious, as another restaurant patron came over to dance with them for a spell.  We got our milkshake and headed out, still dancing.


The food

Burgers and such.

photoWe all got burgers, although, I think Ogre may have ordered his with bleu cheese.  The kids had theirs with cheese and bacon and got mine with cheese.  We all shared onion rings and fries.






The burgers are nice and thick and it’s somewhat juicy.  They’re cooked to medium rare, which is how we like it.  Still, it misses that charbroiled goodness I like, so I’d still say it’s an average burger.





photoThe fries and onion rings were pretty good.  The onion rings are pretty stringy and they’re lightly breaded, but overall okay. Fries were better than the onion rings.


The service

Counter service.


The kids

Well, yes, it’s kid friendly as it’s a laid back burger joing, but here’s my “beef” (haha) -they don’t have burgers on their kids menu!  It doesn’t make sense to me!

I think Del’s makes a much better burger, but this one wasn’t bad.

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