The experience

I decided that since I had the evening off, Tex-Mex would be in order for the bonus drink choices available.  That always catches Dusty’s attention, as well.  After we picked up Benjamin from Lolo’s house, Team Phipps and Dusty were off to Uncle Julio’s -the new one in Allen.  We had never been before.  We actually were worried that it was closed since there wasn’t the usual packed parking lot out front.  Well, what we thought was out front.  The entrance actually does not face the highway.  We were in luck!  The restaurant was not packed for once!

We were seated right away.  She took us to a table that I decided was not fun enough for our crew and requested to move closer to the fire.  For my little pyromaniac.  Benji nodded his head in approval. “Pire!” Ogre wrestled getting Benji’s chair on to the table (it was a square table that had those leaves that flip up to  make it a round table making clipping rather difficult).  We finally got it on there and felt safe that Benji would be safe.

The chair

The kids were given crayons and coloring activity booklet.  Mina brought her sushi set in and gave this to Benji to play with.  Benji was obsessed with the chopsticks and did not put these down during dinner.  We ordered queso with our drinks and Ogre and I discussed sharing an entree tonight.  Dusty was madly searching for fish tacos, but to no avail. We put in our dinner orders and enjoyed the queso once it came out.

Benji playing

Mina was very impressed with one of the chips that she pulled out of the basket and I obligingly took a picture.  Today, Benji was not pleased with his water.  Why?  It was in a kids’ cup.  He pointed to Papa’s margarita and wanted that “wa wa” instead.  “No, Benji, Papa drink,”  we told him.  He cried, but got over it when he was distracted by his queso.


The food came out after a surprisingly short amount of time.  This time, it made Benji UNhappy because Ogre put away the sushi set since it was time to eat.  He ended up giving Benji the chopsticks back and hiding the rest, which made Benji happy.

Mina was being stellar at dinner tonight.  She was coloring and eating her cheese enchilada without prompting.  We gave her the plastic lightning bolt thingies that came with our drinks. She made an interesting drink sculpture that also required a photograph.

Mina's silly cup


As dinner wound down to an end, the kids ended up by Papa.  After Mina and Benji’s rousing drum solos, Mina headed back to her seat.

Mina and Benji being rock stars

After some thought, Mina headed back over to Benji.  I thought we were in for another mini-concert.  Instead, my sweet Mina brought a couple of the little lightning bolts for Benji to play with also.

Mina sharing

This sweetness deserved some sweetness in our tummies, so I ordered dessert for myself and the kids. Remember, Ogre is still on a diet.  I requested some cajeta sauce (goat’s milk caramel sauce) for the kids’ ice cream.  Our server came back and told us that the manager said we couldn’t put the caramel sauce on the kids’ ice creams.  We could either put chocolate sauce on it or order the fried ice cream.  Unfortunately, the fried ice cream comes premade with coconut and pecans and all that jazz, which would be unacceptable to the Phipps children. 

I asked him to tell his manager to be less rigid and just charge us for a side of caramel sauce, then.  Geez.

He came back with the ice cream for the kids and about 2 oz of caramel sauce for each of them.  There was as much caramel sauce as there was ice cream!  Geez again.

The kids enjoyed their ice cream.  In fact, Benji was in denial that he had finished it off and kept licking his spoon with nothing on it.  After we  picked our jaws up off the floor -from seeing their charge for the cajeta sauce -we headed out of the restaurant.  4 bucks worth of cajeta sauce.  Really, Uncle Julio??

Benji at all his ice cream


The food

Tex-Mex.  Tex-Mex that reminds me very much of Pappasito’s. 

The queso is very creamy and tasty here.  I love it and can eat a whole cup by myself. 

Combo FajitasOgre and I ordered the Combination Fajitas for Two.  I really enjoy the fajitas here.  The beef is usually tender and flavorful.  It’s a little better at Pappasito’s (it’s always been more medium rare there), but still above average here.  The chicken fajitas were for Ogre.  He said it was pretty tasty and that if he weren’t on his diet, he would’ve doused more of the butter sauce on his if he weren’t on a diet. 


Sour Cream Chicken EnchiladasDusty ordered some type of Chicken Enchiladas, but I’m not sure what kind.  He seemed to like it just fine.  He wanted fish tacos…they don’t have those here.


Cheese Enchilada with Beef SauceMina ordered a Cheese Enchilada and she liked it a lot.  No complaints or slow eating tonight!


Mommy loved the flanThe flan was actually very good, still not as good as…Mario’s Chiquita.  It’s a dense, creamy flan.  I’d defiitely eat that again!


Mina loved the ice creamThe kids had ice cream and $4 cajeta sauce.  I’ll be honest, the cajeta sauce was very tasty.  Mmmmmm…cajeta sauce.


The kids menu has a choice of tacos, enchiladas, nachos, and, I think, quesadillas.  It comes with rice and beans.


The service

Our server was on the ball today.  Courteous, attentive, knowledgeable.  No problems at all.  Food came out at a nice tempo for dining with kids.  I enjoyed our server, the manager on duty…not so much.


The kids

This is an above average kid friendly restaurant, for sure.  Until you want cajeta sauce for your kid, that is!  Then, they’re not so “friendly.”  In all fairness, they have a good little kids menu, nice crayons and activities to keep the kids busy, the restaurant is vibrant and loud and I definitely felt comfortable dining here with the kids.  There were plenty of tables with children in the restaurant and the table next to us was even celebrating a kid’s birthday.

Check out Uncle Julio’s for a good Tex-Mex meal with the kids, especially if you like Pappasito’s.  I think you’ll agree with the “resemblance.”


The total: ~118 (6 margaritas 3 adults)

  • 190 E Stacy Road
  • Allen, TX 75002

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