The experience

Noodles Ave.Today I needed to run some errands at Willow Bend Mall and had plans with the kids around dinnertime, so Ogre and I decided to take Benji out to lunch with us.  Mina was in school today and, once again, we were short a Phipps. Dusty, though not as girly or cute, would have to suffice. He doesn’t even like Asian food, but his need to go to the mall also overrode his distaste for Asian food.  There is a little Thai restaurant (well now it’s calling itself an “Asian Bistro”) right near the mall called Noodles Ave. that was once a favorite of ours (it’s top spot on our list of favorite Thai restaurants has been replaced by Noodle Wave).  

Ogre and I had knew exactly what we wanted.  I ordered an Egg Roll and Chicken Pad Thai (no peanuts) and Ogre ordered Chicken Pad Kee Mow. We walked up to the counter and ordered our food, got our number and picked a table.  I sat Benji down while Dusty got the drinks.  You also have to get your own silverware, condiments, and napkins off of a central table at the front of the restaurant. Ogre expressed his Chili Sauce Beforedispleasure with the chili sauce here.  Every time we come here, he says they water it down more and more and this is one of the reasons it lost some favor with us.  Once we were settled, it seemed that Benji would be okay without his infamous chair.  He sat atop his knees and tried to get Dusty to blow through his straw.  ”Duh-ty” is one of Benji’s new favorite words, so he would say “Duh-ty” and blow into the air and smile.  I had to interpret Benjaminese for Dusty who didn’t quite get it.

Pretty quickly the entrees started coming to the table.  I got my Chicken Pad Thai and Egg Roll first and started picking through my noodles to find all the tofu for Benji, I also gave his some of the noodles.  He saw his Papa open up some chopsticks and started “Uh uh uh”-ing for them.  Ogre noticed a lost looking waiter with two dishes by pass us.  He tried to get his attention, but the guy didn’t see so Ogre had to chase him down to get his and Dusty’s lunch

Benji can use chopsticks


I was very pleased with my Pad Thai as was Benji, who was expertly using chopsticks.  Compare that to his Mommy who was sticking to the use of forks.  Benjamin, we quickly learned though, liked the tofu, but not the fried outer part of the tofu, he quickly spit that out. Pfft!

Benji spitting out tofu


We had a little bit of time crunch because I had a meeting after our trip to the mall, so once Benjamin seemed to be done -indicated by throwing his chopsticks on the table, I scooped up his chair and headed to the truck assuming Ogre would get Benjamin.  I stood out by the truck waiting for them to come out. Only Ogre came out.  He told me that Benji wasn’t done, as soon as he saw me packing up to go and that it was time to go, he quickly picked up his chopsticks to gorge himself again.  

Ogre went back to sit with Benji and Dusty until he finished while I went next door to Fat Straws to get a Vietnamese Frappe.


The food

Chicken Pad Thai eggrollThe food here is above average…usually.  That is one of the problems, it is pretty inconsistent.  For example, I thought that my Pad Thai was excellent today.  It had a nice tamarind flavor and the noodles were perfectly cooked. Benjamin would agree with me, eating two bowlfuls!


Chicken Pad Kee MowOgre, who used to think that they had the best Pad Kee Mow in town, thought that his was “fine” but not certainly not the best ever.  I know that the dish has a nice amount of spice, but not enough for Ogre’s taste, he used up an entire jar of that chili sauce!

Chili Sauce After


Japanese GrillDusty got the Chicken Japanese Grill (basically a Chicken Teriyaki), but with the teriyaki sauce on the side.  I am not surprised that he just thought it was “okay.”

We didn’t order off the Kids Menu, but they offer Yakidori, Fried Rice, and Lo Mein with fries for $3.95.


The service

This is pretty much self-service.  Other than the lost waiter with our dishes, I can’t really comment too much about it. 


The kids

Not only do they not really have service, they don’t have any crayons or anything like that to give the kids. They have a small kids menu that is very inexpensive.  Overall, because of its casual ambience and cafeteria feel, I don’t think anyone will be uncomfortable eating out with their kids here.  The food is pretty good on a good day, it’s fast, and inexpensive.


The total:$ 29.99   (3 adults)

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