The experience

Grace has been working quite late this week so we opted to meet at either 3-6-9 BBQ or Barb-i-Cutie. When I picked up Mina from school she wanted to pick dinner but wanted to go back to First Chinese BBQ as she has wanted to for some time to get the BBQ Pork.  She nearly cried about it.  So, we tried to come up with something to appease her.  I figured she’d go for Chinese but instead picked Bar-B-Cutie.  We left to pickup Benji and meet Mommy.

We have been here once before when we lived in Nashville.  It is based there.  We only went once because we did no enjoy it.  Grace knows we didn’t but can’t recall why she didn’t like it.  Apparently this would be another second chance.  Two days in a row!

We arrived nearly at the same time for once and we all headed inside.  Benji immediately wanted down to go play around.  I went to look at the menu and Mina went to pick a table and start her activity book that she brought from home to finish.  Grace set down everything else and came to look too.


We choose and I finished our order while we let our second born run wild through the restaurant.  Luckily, there was some open space by our table so he wasn’t bothering anyone.  I got everyone’s drinks and sat down.  Benji was busy running around throwing his meow around.  He is going to be a terror in no time. Mina never broke anything when she was a toddler.  Benji wants to break everything.

Benji playing

Shortly afterwards the food arrived.  Grace divided some of her food for Benji and sweet Mina said, “Benji can have some of my macaroni.”  How sweet.  I showed Mina the sweet bbq sauce.  That made her happy.  Then I gave her a forkful of cole slaw to eat.  Not so happy about that.

Benji playing

We discussed our days.  Mainly Grace’s since my day consists of sitting in front of a computer and Mina never remembers the details of her school day.  We end up hearing a bit of a time as she recollects the day over time.  Today was picture with the school’s Santa and we still have to take her to Santa at the mall with her brother.  Hopefully this won’t raise questions.  Luckily, she hardly remembered it happened.  The less she remembers, the better.  Don’t want her spotting physical differences or anything.

Benji wasn’t eating much so we came to the conclusion that his Lala fed him very well today.  Mina, on the other hand, was having another good night.  She was eating a lot of her pork and a made a nice sized sandwich to finish up with.

Mina's sandwich

When she finally did get around to eating the coleslaw she even said “Yum!” to our surprise.

Yum! Cole Slaw

In what most have been record time, we were on our way home.

The food

The food was average to above average here.  It is good for spot for quick, inexpensive barbecue.  Beats quite a few of the Dallas barbecue joints but we still prefer Red, Hot, and Blue better.  As for how it rates in comparison to other Nashville/Memphis barbecue restaurants?  Not nearly as high.

Pulled Pork and Baby Back RibsPulled Pork and Baby Back RibsBoth Grace and I ordered the sampler platter.  We both nixed the chicken in favor for more ribs and pulled pork, respectively.  I found the ribs to be very fall off the bone tender.  The pulled pork was well cooked but wasn’t that smokey.  The cole slaw was excellent with tangy salad dressing.  Next time, a pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw is an order.  Grace really liked the potato salad but was bummed about the lack of eggs.

Pulled PorkMina wanted ribs at first but they didn’t have a kid’s meal version.  I talked her into getting ones that were “cut up already”.  Also known as pulled pork.  I wanted to leave in a reasonable timeframe so I nixed the veggies tonight and got her mac and cheese.  She really liked the pork and the little sandwich she made out of it.  She even enjoyed the cole slaw!

The service

Counter service though they did bring your food out to you and checked in several times to see how we were.

The kids

The seemed to be average to above average of kid friendly restaurants.  There activity book was educational and your could help yourself to crayons galore.  The food is kid friendly as well and the place has a laid back, family atmosphere.  The have several option including barbecue plates and a peanut butter and banana sandwich for $3.99.

The Rest

For some reason the shot of the sign got messed up so I went with one of their ads for the first photo. And should you be driving through Tennessee, you should go to Corky’s in Nashville which was our favorite when we lived there.  We probably went weekly.  You can get their sauce in the major grocery stores around Dallas.  When you hit Memphis, be sure to check out Leonard’s. We randomly stumbled on this place while looking for a Hooter’s to stop at when were driving thru one day on the way home from a visit to Texas. Came to find out it is one of the more famous Memphis barbecue restaurants.  It’s outstanding.  I spent days trying to remember what is was called when we were planning to drive back to Dallas for a visit.  

We were going to stop in Memphis for dinner and I would drive the rest of the way in the middle of the night.  Yes, Dinner.  Mina was so bad in the car for long trips during that phase that I would rather suffer the 6-7 hours of night driving than listening to hours of screaming.  It would have taken several extra hours in stops for that matter.  The barbecue made it worth it.

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