The experience

I’ve been craving German food for a couple of weeks now, but previously when I’ve thought of it, it was a Sunday or Monday and the restaurants are closed.  So, I planned ahead and told Ogre earlier this week that we’d be eating German today.  I also told him to invite his parents (his mom is German).  Well, when I called him at 5 o’clock to see if Benji had awoken from his nap, I asked if he’d called his parents yet.  Of course not.  So he called them while I brought Mina home from her playdate.  Benji was still not awake when I got home, which was fine because I wanted to look up the German restaurants again.  I’d never heard of a couple of them and it turned out that it was because of 2 of the 3 were closed!  Our only option was Henk’s European Deli and Black Forest Bakery, and we called Oma and Grandpoo once Benji woke up to let them know we were headed their way.  After some car seat shuffling, we piled into Grandpoo’s truck and headed to Dallas.

We arrived and were told to seat wherever so we chose the corner booth in the back.  We all got settled in and found our menus on the table.  I had to have Ogre grab a few more off another table and we all perused the menu.  Benji seemed to be a good moo, demanding water from everyone and chatting up a storm.  I ordered some potato pancakes with our drink order.

It took a few minutes to get our drink order, but right after that the potato pancakes came out and we all dug in.  Well, the kids dug in to the applesauce that came with the potato pancakes!  Then we ordered dinner and chatted while we ate our appetizer.

While we were waiting, Benji was becoming oddly clingy.  He wanted me to “hug” him and keep my arm around him at all times.

Dinner came out and I wen through the process of cutting the sausage up even more for Benji.  Benji said that the wanted a fork and I thought that was the reason he was not eating, so we flagged our waitress down and made that request along with a few other.  She brought the fork last of all the other items requested, but Benji still did not want to eat.  Odd for Benji who loves “hot dogs.”

Benji continued on with the clinginess telling me that he did not want me to eat because he wanted to hug me.  I ended up putting my arm around him and eating that way.  This was about when I noticed that he felt warm…very warm.  I told Ogre that I thought he was sick and that he had a fever.  Poor Grandpoo shared his water with him on the drive over.  Eek.

By this time, I felt very sad for Benji and was holding him with his head on my shoulder and not eating.  I told Ogre to let me know when he was done eating so he could hold Benji while I ate.  We switched off and Benji asked Papa to kiss his tummy.  (Well, Ogre thought he said “bumblebees,” which is Benji’s word for nipples…don’t ask.)  Anway, Ogre asked him if he wanted to “bommit” but didn’t really get an answer from him and, off and on, Benji would smile and laugh when Grandpoo played with him.


I took Benji back when I finished eating and, again, Benji said, “Kiss my tummy, mommy.”  I obliged, let him put his head on my shoulder, felt his body arch and then had “bommit” all over me and him. Geez, not this again.  Rememer La Flor (the rants section of the Pho 2828 post)??  Anyway, this led to a trip to the bathroom where Ogre handwashed his shirt, his shorts, my shirt, rinsed them and wrung them out.  I had to put my wet white  shirt back on.  Luckily by the time we sorted out this fiasco, Grandpoo and Oma were at the counter in line to pay our bill.  Poor Benjo said he felt better, but we could tell he was still feeling sick, so we packed up and headed home and here he lays beside me, sleeping on a towel in case he throws up again!



The food

German food.

We ordered the potato pancakes to start and it was good.  I like the ones at Kuby’s more than these, but not bad.

Potato Pancakes


Wienerschnitzel I ordered the Wienerschnitzel (as did Oma) and it was good.  I’d say average.  The pork was thinly pounded and it had a fine breading on it that seemed a little too brown for me, but tasted fine.  Oma and I both agreed that the red cabbage was very good…in fact, Oma said it was the best she tasted in a restaurant in quite some time!  Mina was also very fond of it asking for more and more of mine.

Ogre ordered the Weisswurst plate with sauerkraut and spaetzle.  He thought the weisswurst was excellent (as did I when I tried it).  We suspect and concurred that the sausage must come from Kuby’s.  Nowhere else in the United States have we had better.  We could be wrong on that, but it seems like too much of a coincidence!  Both Grandpoo and Ogre thought the spaetzle and sauerkraut were very good.

Grandpoo ordered the Rouladen and thought the flavor and sauce was really good, but did note that the meat was a little tough to eat.  Ogre says it’s better at Bavarian Grill, but I don’t think Grandpoo has had it there.

We also ordered the Sausage appetizer plate intending Benji to have that for dinner.  He didn’t eat it, but the rest of it did and it was very good!!


The service

It was fine.  I think that there was only one waitress for the whole restaurant, so she was very busy.  She was easy to flag down though and met all of our requests.  Food comes out pretty quickly.


The kids

No kids activities or kids menu, but laid back and casual. 

We enjoyed this restaurant for German food and would definitely eat here again…if they’ll take us back!

The total:  $63 and change (3 beers)

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