I’m talking about Compari’s in Plano.

Here is the link to last year’s post:  Compari’s

Exactly one year ago today, we ate Compari’s.  It was Mina’s first day of Kindergarten and we let her pick the restaurant.  She picked Compari’s because they have coloring on the tables and she loves their food.  We loved their food, too.  Note that I wrote LOVED.

We went back a few months ago, using one of our precious “free for dinner because we ate out for breakfast or lunch” and was SORELY disappointed. 

Immediately, when we sat down, Mina said, “Hey, there are no crayons on the table.”  Being naive and possibly in denial, I explained to her that they probably just ran out of crayons or forgot to put them on the table.  We asked and I was wrong.  Things just went downhill from there.  They don’t “do that” anymore.

Then we ordered…the same thing we always ordered.  First the salad.  One bite and Ogre looked at one another.  Something was different.  We called our waiter over.  What was going on?

He said that in November or December, the restaurant was sold to new owners.  They changed the salad recipe.  WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD YOU CHANGE A TRIED AND TRUE SALAD RECIPE???!!!

We told him to tell the owners that was a big mistake. 

Then we got the rest of our food.  We ordered the same thing we did in the post.  The seafood cannelloni was not good.  They went from being full of delicious seafood goodness to being filled with cheese and a little bit of seafood.  They were definitely trying to increase profit margins, but unfortunately, at the expense of the taste and quality of their food.  So sad.

We basically told them that we wouldn’t we back.  It’s not worth it and not that great anymore, and really, less child friendly than it used to be. 

And we haven’t been back.  Maybe they’ll see the error in their ways…I hope so!

Compari’s was initially a 4 star rating…I’d definitely drop it down to 2-3.  I shake my head.

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