The experience

We’ve tried to eat at Roma’s a few times and it always seems to be on a Sunday, when they are closed.  Today when we were trying to decide where to eat, I thought, let’s go to Roma’s and get that out of the way!  Ogre picked me and the kids up from Lolo and Lala’s house and we headed out.Cafe Roma

It’s counter service, so we all headed to the counter to order dinner.  Mina was bored by our decision making and sat down to play her DS.  I joined her with Benji after I ordered.  Ogre was left to bring over our drinks and then we all settled in.


Benji decided to play with everything on the table.  Unfortunately, those items were the crushed red pepper, the parmesan, the salt, and the pepper.  Each item was eventually taken away, much to Benji’s sorrow (and the rest of the restaurant’s disdain).  Luckily, the restaurant was relatively empty. 


My salad came out right away and I munched on that while trying to keep Benji calm.  Ogre was now the one playing the DS under the guise of trying to “help” her with some level or something. 

Next out came the cheese bread, which Benji was very excited to see.  That would keep him entertained until the rest of the entrees came out.  Mina who was now enjoying the next level won by her Papa was so distracted she did not even grab a slice of cheese bread.  I finally had to tell her to put the DS away.

Next out came the entrees and we all kind of muddled through it.  Benji noticed that Papa was eating “pee-sah” and when Ogre asked him if he wanted some, Benji nodded his head.  He ate two pieces.  Mina, on the other hand, required a stern talking to before she started eating appropriately.  This reinforces why I’m not a fan of the DS at dinner.

We finished up an uneventful and unexciting dinner and headed home.  Of course, I put Benji in the truck and as I climbed out, my purse dumped over completely upside down all over the road.  Nice.


The food

Pizza and pasta.  And some Italian entrees also. 

Italian SaladI ordered the Italian Salad to start.  The dressing was way to tangy (or sour as Mina described it) and they poured WAY too much on my salad.  The salami and ham that came out reminded me of taking lunch meat out of my own fridge and rolling them up and slicing it so it looks cute -nice to look at it, blah to eat.  Salad was not impressive at all.

Garlic Cheese BreadWe ordered some cheese bread.  The Phipps family loves cheese bread.  It was just average here.  I think it might be the worst cheese bread I’ve ever had, which doesn’t mean it tasted bad.  It’s hard to make cheese bread taste bad.  But, I’ve never had worse than today.

Roma Special PizzaOgre ordered the Roma Special Pizza with pepperoni, sausage, onions and olives.  He liked it. “Nothing spectacular, but pretty good.”


Penne PastaMina had penne pasta with marinara sauce on the side.  Again, the marinara sauce was just average, nothing to write home about.


The service

Counter service, they do bring the food out to you.  After that, you’re on your own.


The kids

Sure it’s kid friendly, it’s completely casual and laid back.  They make the half sized pasta portions, which was perfect for our kids.  No kids activities, but I wouldn’t expect that here.

I’m not going to go out on a limb and recommend this per se, but I’m not going to tell you not to go either.  It was all just kind of “eh” in my opinion.  I have no desire at all to go back.

The total: ~30 bucks

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