The experience

IMG00617We we looking for a quick meal this day and I had a sudden craving for a hot dog.  I suggested Wienerschnitzel.  Grace had already eaten but she could have ice cream.  The kids approved of the choice, so off we went.  We pulled up and noticed the Zoo Cuts next door.  Grace had been wanting to get Benji’s hair cut so that was fortuitous.

The kids and I headed in to place our order and Grace went to make an appointment for the haircuts.  Mina wanted a corn dog and I knew Benji would be fine with that.  I placed our order just as Grace came in.  She added on a hot fudge sundae.

We sat down to wait on our order which arrived shortly.  I cut up Benji’s hot dog but he was busy hanging over his mama’s sundae.  He was basically drooling into it.



We managed to get him to eat his hot dog before Grace finally gave up the rest of her sundae to the kids once they finished their meals.  A nice, quick easy lunch.

We took a shot of the sign outside and the Weinerschnitzel car parked out back.  Coming here reminds me of the Mellencamp song but no one was “Sucking on a Chili Dog outside the Tastee Freeze” today.


The food

Hot dogs of all varieties plus some other assorted items which I pay no attention to.  After all, why would you go to Wienerschnitzel for something besides a dog?  And they make a very good dog.


I always go for the All Beef Chicago Dog.  Fantastic.  You can’t always find a good Chicago dog.  Its got all the usual: sport peppers, relish, tomato wedge, pickle, and onion.  Best in town anymore.  There used to be a couple other places but they’ve long ago closed.  Feel free to offer more suggestions…


Grace got only a Tastee Freeze hot fudge sundae because she had already eaten.  She said it was OK.  Benji and Mina loved it it.


Mina and Benji split a two corn dog combo.  They both ate their entire dog.  Mina says its as good as the Fletcher’s at the State Fair, but we all know that not to be true.  I will say it is a tasty corn dog though.


The service

Counter service (or drive-thru)…

The kids

Hot dogs and ice cream…enough said.


Total cost: less than $20 but I can’t recall

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