The experience

DSC_0045Well, I told Ogre I wanted Greek food because I was kind of craving a soup one of our readers has mentioned (I think it’s like  a lemon chicken soup).  I did not necessarily tell Ogre why I wanted Greek food.  Anyway, yesterday, he saw a new Mediterranean place in the Shire and we thought we’d head there for dinner.   He said it was called Medi and was not sure if it was open yet.  Well, we drove by to take a gander and found “Medi” the weight loss clinic.  Nice one, Ogre.  Right about that time, I started to feel sick…like I’m going to throw up.  Ogre had two restaurants in mind for Mediterranean food now and decided to head to the closest one.  I was pretty sure it wouldn’t have what I wanted, but I didn’t say anything since now I just wanted to get somewhere quick.

We arrived and I made Ogre park away from the restaurant in case I was going to hurl cookies right then and there.  Luckily, I was able to make it inside and headed straight for the restroom while he got the kids settled in.  I unhappily bowed down to the porcelain diety of your choice but unfortunately (?or fortunately), my stomach was pretty empty.  After that fiasco, I freshened up and headed out to find Ogre already at the buffet collecting goods. 

I joined him and received no sympathy for my restroom adventures. His MO was to get the kids some food, which I completely understood as when I turned around to see how they kids were doing, I saw them runnning around the restaurant as if they had no parental supervision (which technically at that time, they didn’t).  Ogre got them settled with their food so that by the time I joined them, they seemed like well-behaved children eating their dinner.


But, it didn’t last long.  Benji wanted to be up and running around and Mina, of course, wanted to join him.  Mina is much easier to reason with and she stayed in her seat and ate her dinner, including, begrudgingly, her requisite cole slaw.

Benji was a completely different story.  Despite being told to sit down and eat his dinner, he was up and when he realized he couldn’t just get up and walk off because Papa would stop him, he would run across the bench to the other side and then jump down, “Tra la look at me!” 


 I was really not feeling well enough to even want to discipline him, so I left that to Ogre, who basically just kept picking him up and sitting him down.  At first, Benji thought this to be a fun game until he realized that Papa was not smiling, after which, he sobbed and sobbed. 

Once Mina finished her dinner, we decided we’d better leave while our children had not broken anything and the owners of the restaurant could rest their ears from all the crying.


The food

Buffet line: typical Mediterranean entrees.

I apologize in advance for not knowing the names of most of the dishes we ate tonight.  I will describe the ones I don’t know as best I can…

They had several sauces.  One was ranch, another was a mayonnaise type sauce, and they had tzitziki with very largely diced cucumbers.  They also had a nice vat of hummus.  The tzitziki was pretty average.  I did not enjoy the hummus, but this is not very surprising.  There are very few places that I like hummus (I like Cafe Izmir’s.).  Here there was a little bit of an off flavor to it, it might have been the olive oil they used because I otherwise could not put my finger on it.


The yellow rice was good, nothing spectacular, but I ate it and liked it.  I also had the chicken that was cubed and had a yellow color to it and tasted almost as if it had a cinnamon spice to it.  Ogre thought this was great and I did not care much for it.  The kids liked it also. I had what looked to be baked chicken (in pieces) and this was good, but average, it did not really stand out in flavor.  I tried the soup and it was red and very oily appearing, I didn’t like it.  It was not very flavorful.  They gyro was just average.  Ogre thought it was good.


Ogre tried the beef kabobs and also noted that this was very good. 

Ogre and I both agreed that the pita bread they has was very good, it is served warm and is soft, yet crisp.


The service

It’s a buffet, but there is a waitress who takes your drink order and she did check on us to make sure everything was okay.  Kept the drinks refilled, so nothing to complain about here.


The kids

It’s kid friendly in that it’s a casual restaurant and there is a buffet, but they don’t kid-it-down on the buffet line.  There is also a foreboding sign that says something about not letting your kids run away and if you break anything you’re going to have to pay for it. I didn’t really see anything breakable, but it’s their restaurant.

So, I won’t be coming back here for Mediterranean food, which means Ogre probably won’t be either, but he did like it and if it weren’t for his lovely wife, he’d probably be back!

The total: 23 bucks (kids ate free)

  • 100 S Central Expy 
  • Richardson, TX 75080 
  • (972) 234-6444

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