The experience

ZaguanThis weekend our adventuring was taking us to Houston with my parents and we thought we’d stop for breakfast on the way out.  I’ve been wanting to try and Ogre has recommended Zaguan off 75.  Of course, I had a coupon, but didn’t bring it with us, but we decided to eat at this little Latin cafe anyway.


We arrived and were told that we could sit anywhere.  I let Mina pick our table and she picked the one right in the middle.  

Mina playing the lottery

She busied herself with some kind of weird scratch off ticket that my dad let her play with and the rest of us went to peruse the enticing cases of pastries and breads.  

Tasty Breads


Meanwhile, Benji was entertaining himself by running up and down the slight ramp on the front side of the cafe.  

Benji having Pun

At some point, he went and stood behind the column, when he came out, he put his hand in front and said, “Uh oh.”

Benji having Pun

This is how he indicates he has pooped.  Great.  I went out to the car to get the diaper bag and my mom and I went to the restroom to chang him. It took two of us because they didn’t have a changing station.  We didn’t have any problems, but I’m glad there was two of us.  Any less would have been a challenge.

We all sat down and the waitress came to get our initial pastry order and drinks (smoothies for Mina and me).  While we waited on those, Ogre and my dad picked out breakfast for themselves.  I was happy to just have pastries and my guava smoothie.  

Once the pastries were set on the table, it was an immediate grab and eyebrow raise with a smile.  Good stuff.  I decided that I should get an empty plastic cup for Benji to have some of the smoothie.  The waitress didn’t understand me.  I tried the smoothie and immediately knew Mina wouldn’t like it as it was made with the guavas that you typically get at the store with white flesh.  There is the hint of the guava taste she likes, but it’s not really very sweet.  

Sure enough, Mina asked if she could have water.  I muttered to Ogre that she didn’t like the smoothie.  He asked her if she liked her smoothie and she said yes.  I rolled my eyes in my mind because I just knew she didn’t like it.  

When a waitress came out with Ogre and my dad’s breakfast, we did ask for water and a cup for Benji. These were brought out in short order.  

We all enjoyed our breakfast while Benji continued to run around the table area.  He wasn’t bothering anyone so I assume it was okay.  We discussed and compared the pastries here to the ones at La Duni.  Seems, the opinions were split.  We did all agree that, all in all, it was a great breakfast. Oh, and Mina finally admitted that she didn’t like the guava smoothie. 


Lolo and Benji


The food

This a casual cafe that serves Latin food, particularly breads and pastries.

For starters, we ordered the Guava Cheese Bread, the Guava Cheese Pastel, and a Chocolate Croissant.  The cheese is not a sweet cream cheese, but it still compliments the guava well.  

Guava Cheese BreadThe guava was of a jam or jelly consistency.  Ogre really liked the Guava Cheese Bread for the reason I thought it was just “okay.”  The sweetness of it.  


Guava Cheese PastryI’m going to go ahead and compare the Guava Cheese Pastel to the Guava Cheese Glorias at La Duni’s.  I like the ones at La Duni’s better, but my mom likes these better.  I like the pastry itself better at La Duni, it’s more buttery and flaky.  At La Duni, the filling is like a mixed guava and cheese.  Here, it’s guava jam side by side with the cheese.  

As for the Chocolate Croissant, I thought it was excellent.  There was nice creamy thick chocolate in every bite (unlike places were it’s little nuggets of chocolate).  The croissant was flaky enough (La Madeleine’s is a little more flaky).  This is my new favorite Chocolate Croissant!

ChachapaOgre ordered a Chachapa with mushrooms, pancetta and cheese.  It’s a sweet corn tortilla with the fillings of your choice.  The one Ogre had was AMAZING! Very, very tasty!!  I am looking forward to eating this again!


Bacon and eggsMy dad ordered good ol’ eggs over easy with bacon and went to the counter to get some bread also.  No complaints from him. 

The service

We couldn’t figure out if it was counter service or what.  Ogre recalled that it was, but our waitress came and got our order at the table and they brought our food.  I did notice that they kept Ogre’s and my dad’s coffee nice and filled.  No complaints with the service.  


The kids

It’a a pretty casual cafe so that it gives it some points to being a kid friendly restaurant.  Plus, it’s got a bunch of sweets -pastries, breads, croissants with jams and chocolates -that’s pretty kid friendly in my book.  They don’t have a true kids menu or kids activities, but I don’t think I’d expect crayons or anything like that here.  So, I’ll call it average kid friendliness.
But certainly a great little casual breakfast spot that I would not hesitate to bring our kids to.  They have a huge variety of pastries, which is great, and the other entree choices were very tasty!


The total: 52.21 (4 adults)

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