The experience

DSC_0280Ahh, another great meal that I’ve been looking forward to!  We were meeting one of my best friends for lunch today (yup, another best friend) since the stars aligned just right and we’d both be in Austin!  She had her two year old, Kaili with her so it would be great for the kids to get together (and really test these restaurants…2 two year olds!!).  We were meeting at the restaurant and we arrived early, which was somewhat of good thing since I wanted to sit outside and there would be a wait.  It shouldn’t take long since there were a couple of tables already at the settling the tab stage…or so we thought!


No, instead, one couple kept making out and the other couple just didn’t want to leave.  It seriously got to the point where the hostess came out to apologize for thinking one of the tables would be up by now and asked us if we preferred to sit inside in case the kids were getting antsy.  We declined since Adrienned and Kaili had yet to arrive and the kids were doing just fine.  We ended up not even being seated at the front patio (when we were seated, they STILL hadn’t left!!).  It was a blessing in disguise since we sat on the bridge instead, which is more out of the way and shadier.  Perfect!

Right about this time, Kaili and Adrienne arrived and we all settled in.  I did not even have to look at menu!  I knew what I wanted, but I did search the menu for some queso for Benji.  Turned out that we’d have to get the queso as part of a trio.  We went ahead and ordered that while Adrienne and Ogre continued to peruse the menu.

The kids were busy coloring on their activity placemats the restaurant provided and Kaili was politely asking Mina for bracelets and flowers Mina had collected.  Mina was not to partial to any of these things and readily gave them to her.



Our server brought out the cornbread with honey butter -yes, it tastes as good as it sounds!  We went ahead and ordered lunch.  Ogre was able to talk our very skeptical daughter into trying some, which she reluctantaly did and then realized she liked this quite a bit!  Next out came the skillet queso with some extra empty bowls and all of the kids received some of this yumminess.  Kaili decided she preferred to eat in Mommy’s lap and moved out of her high chair.



The kids food then our food came out and we all were pretty set for enjoying our lunch.  Kaili is potty training and had a little accident that didn’t slow her down one bit and they made a quick exit to the restroom.  I brought out some toys for Benji, who was starting to get a little restless in his chair and Mina was very content to eat her chicken strips and play tic tac dough with Papa.  Papa was trying to teach her how to strategize and win. 




Eventually, Benji insisted in getting out of his chair and we decided we’d let him down since Kaili was out of her chair and the area was pretty well separated from the other restaurant patrons.  There were only two other tables on the bridge.  Ogre kept thinking we were getting stinkeye from an older couple, but I couldn’t see them, so I didn’t worry about it.  The other couple thought the kids were cute and didn’t mind them at all.  We did make the kids settle down when they were getting a little too rowdy (Mina has the loudest feet ever!). 



We decided to order dessert and for dessert, I made the kids get back in their chairs to enjoy the ice cream.  We finished up the ice cream and decided it was too nice of day to call it quits and made plans to meet over at the playscapes at Zilker Park.




The food

It’s sort of Southwestern with flair (and some Asian influence!).

DSC_0284We ordered something that might have been called a Skillet Trio??  It came with chips, salsa, guacamole, and skillet queso.  Everything was excellent.  The cheese was quite creamy.


DSC_0298I ordered the Fish Tacos.  These are the gold standard for fish tacos.  They’re even made with catfish, which normally I’d look at with a slight stinkeye, but they are very well prepared here, not too bready!  And the sauce, well, the sauce is really what provides the perfection.  It’s a ginger/soy/mustard sauce that is too die for.  Otherwise, the fish is served with a cabbage slaw in a flour tortilla and rice and beans (if you order the dinner entree).

DSC_0297Ogre ordered the Wild Mushroom Enchiladas with Mole Sauce.  He thought this was pretty good and commented that this was an “every man’s” mole, which he clarified to me as meaning it’s very mild and palatable and I would agree as he forced me to try a bite. 

DSC_0286The kids had chicken strips and fries and did not require any prompting to eat this, so I assume it was tasty.

DSC_0296Adrienne had the Skillet Fish Tacos, which was similar to what I had, but I don’t think I can presume it was made with catfish. It’s a new feature on the menu, so I apologize for not knowing this dish very well.  Kaili ate a quesadilla and it looked pretty tasty.  Adrienne had a bite and said it was good, but definitely has a little bit of kick to it!


The service

Our service was pretty good today.  He was “on the ball” and attentive and made sure to pick up our toys when he came across them after the kids threw them on to the floor. Food comes out at an appropriate tempo.


The kids

Absolutely kid-friendly.  They even checked on us while we were waiting on our outside table to make sure the kids were doing okay and let us know that if we wanted to sit inside they could seat us right away.  They have crayons and coloring for the kids and it’ fairly laid back.  I would think that every once in a while you might get a cross eye from another restaurant patron (more so at the 6th street location than the Arboretum) if the kids are being rowdy, but I’d still feel comfortable bringing the kids here.

I absolutely recommend this restaurant if you’re in Austin.  We typically go to the one at the Arboretum in Austin because it’s easier to navigate to and park, but the 6th street location has the better ambience!

The total: 60 something

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